The working environment influences the performance of the employees of a company and that is why care must be studied and from the governing bodies.

When we talk about work environment , we risk thinking about starting conditions best and focus the analysis on that basis, but what happens when that point is a time of crisis, unstable and uncertain?


Factors affecting the working environment

There are a number factors that influence the work environment in a crisis stage and are given certain roles and behaviors specific and identifiable. The starting point could be a company in a process of Redundancy Employment, which affects a percentage of the workforce, but surely could be extrapolated to another type of crisis we all know.

This undesirable situation but also inevitable given on numerous occasions. Whatever the reasons that cause this unstable situation, influencing the work environment is significant and that is why from the departments of Human Resources to act.

Crisis situations in the company

After a period of rumors and confirmations of rumors, the company decided to announce the start of a record and this gives rise to a range of behaviors and moods. Just as in everyday life, to a traumatic event, each person reacts differently and often unpredictably. Among the most immediate effects are increased stress daily, with subsequent complaints by the employee and the possible decline in the performance of the collective. Situations previously sobrellevaban now cause for protest. Tends to increase the number of cases of anxiety and depression. There is also an increased occurrence of mistrust and fear and uncertainty, “we are all in the hype”, “can touch anyone,” and not really know why.

Performance of staff

The feeling of weariness and exhaustion, especially psychological, is also common in these situations. It is common for workers who expect more eager than usual arrival of the holiday. You can also give a breakdown of established emotional ties with the company, people who were involved in the company begin to stop pregnant or have many doubts. It is morally dissociate the company and try to do their work in the most aseptic as possible.

Some employees are restricted strictly to the rules and guidelines in force, thereby loses flexibility and increases bureaucracy. This can be very serious for companies in markets or changing scenarios and agility needed in day to day. But the employee finds safety standards and procedures. From the Department of the company and the Human Resources department must channel this situation so that the negative effect on business processes is minimized and when the time to improve the work environment that results.