Tablet ‘low cost’ Amazon goes on sale November 15 and reservations can be achieved indicate that Apple’s move to maintaining supremacy.

Apple introduced the iPad in January 2010 to continue to lead the manufacturing and marketing of technology products first line, as he had done with the iPod terminal that revolutionized music in the music industry, then with the iPhone that did the same in mobile telephony and Internet, and before in the field of conventional computers with the iMac. And everything from the return of Steve Jobs in 1996.


The iPad was a hit amid global crisis

The economic crisis was already latent when in January 2010, was released the electronic tablet the signing of the block to revolutionize the publishing industry, meeting and especially to consumers and readers at a time when both suffered the ravages of the Internet on traditional publishing.

Being so remarkable that you produce another commercial success for the Cupertino technology as the latest versions and updates to its media smartphone iPhone, and its other products. This however is an exception to the rule, given the global crisis situation, explained largely by the trust and loyalty that show customers to their various products.

Fashion ‘low cost’ comes to electronic tablets

The crisis is precisely the reason why several companies have begun to direct some or all of their products to industry law cost As a way to stay active through the current difficult situation, which is not new but has gained importance in recent decades at the hands of various airlines, And found ways to retain customers and improve their performance.

The Kindle Fire: the ‘tablet’ low cost of Amazon

Amazon, As a pioneer of Internet sales and visionary as Apple begins to enter the growing market tablet pc with Kindle Fire, A low-cost electronic tablet recently presented by its president Jef Bezos, with which it has proposed the titanic task of dethroning the Apple iPad still hegemonic from November 15 that will go on sale.

Kindle Fire Reserves indicate that it could dethrone the iPhone

For now, according to the inventory system Amazon leaked on Monday, October 3, was then reserved 254 074 devices to a growth rate of 2,000 per hour. With that exist to date more than 350,000 Kindle Fire in reserve and to the November 15 would be 2.5 million if the current pace of reserves. Very close to 3 million iPhone sold by the company in Silicon Valley now led by Tim Cook, in the first three months of its release in January 2010. Although confirmation is pending from such figures, as a book and other things is ultimately realize an acquisition.

Apple and Samsung compete with tablets ‘Low cost’ Amazon

But such numbers that show the good wishes about the low-cost tablet Amazon exists in the corridors and specialized users from even before its introduction last September 28. For what constitutes a serious threat to the current market leader, Apple Inc. and its competitor, Samsung Electronics, Reveals that although no figures, perhaps sold 1.6 million of its Galaxy Tab in 2010, estimated NH Investment Securities.