Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, did not want to miss the wake of growing your business, with the help of his new super phone and the world’s largest market.

The economy in China has grown elsewhere in recent years, becoming the second largest in the world only behind the U.S. and ahead of and Japan. No wonder why its citizens have grown in quantity, but also in consumer tastes and expectations, as its equally growing smartphone market, which is already the largest in the world to surpass the United States. The iPhone 5 will want and will seize on it, especially if proliferate and increasingly the smart phones that operate with the software of Google Android, and those who work with the recently introduced by Microsoft, the Windows Phone , the devices have surpassed Apple iOS to reach 7% to corner the market until last May.

The estate grows in China despite the crisis

The economic crisis was not an obstacle for China to continue its relentless pace of growth, being a clear example of this the luxury market in China which accounted for 30% of the world total in 2011, the same as though it seems that you will get 10 points the effects of the crisis this 2012, will not in the proportions of other affected regions (U.S. or Europe).


The smartphones and mobile Internet access increases in China

In that line means the report issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology China last March, according to which the number of accounts open mobile phones reached 1,010 million, and the last in the sense that mobile Internet access is already superior to those made from traditional PCs. What Apple is very interesting, because according to research firm Catalyst cited in the site , it is not only the biggest market for mobile phones, but also the largest in the world having grown up in their smart phones 81% annual market, while in the U.S. only 5% in recent years.

The iPhone 4S boosted smartphone sales in China

The latest iPhone launched by the signing of the block last October, also appears to be responsible in the first quarter, sales of smartphones in the Asian giant has corresponded to 22% of the world, while in the U.S. only 16%, having started to be available through China Telecom.

The iPhone 5 reaffirm Apple’s growth

Therefore, the next iPhone would arrive finally in October, will continue the successful footsteps of its predecessor, while reaffirming the growth of Apple Inc. in the largest market in the world. What is predicted feasible considering that the iPhone 5 would have a chip closest to the networks of the country’s largest operator, China Mobile, which sells not yet smartphone presented by Steve Jobs in 2007.