Samsung Electronics sold 20 million Galaxy S3 in one hundred days. While Apple sold 5 million of its new iPhone 5 in just three days.

Apple’s iPhone came in January 2007 as the first great smartphone of history, with an originality that prompted other companies to develop other models currently operating with basically the software for Google Android, monopolize 68% of the world market smartphones after growing nearly 47% last year.

The Samsung Galaxy is the greatest threat the iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest product that leads to such high-end phones, whose consistent high levels of sales is outpacing the once unbeatable super phone of the apple company. Although the latest figures indicate that this may start to change, to continue in the wake of record levels of bookings and sales that are having the expected iPhone 5 in such a short time.

The crisis and the loyal consumers and users ‘smartphone’ Apple

The new smartphone from the Recuperation-based technology, California, came after more than two years to keep waiting for their millions of users all over the world, which are making it the most commercially successful model in such a short time, despite not have many of the features included in many competing models, and also at a time when the consequences remain the last global economic crisis.


Apple shares rise the hand of iPhone 5

The California Technology reported last week that the iPhone 5 stocks doubled to those achieved by the iPhone 4S in the first 24 hours, reaching a record 2 million units ordered. This has gone hand in hand with continued growth in the value of Apple shares , which are touching the unit price of $ 700, and an increasingly global valuation of around U.S. $ 700 billion.

Five million new i Phones sold in three days

It has also been known that in the first three days of being available, the Silicon Valley firm sold 5 million of the latest model of its high-end phone, and only in the U.S. were sold in the same period equal number of iPhone 4S during the first month of being available last year, and is the operator AT & T which captured 68% of such sales as reported by analyst firm Com Score .

Sales of the Galaxy S3 would be overcome by the new Apple iPhone

In that context, it’s about time that Apple Inc. regain the top spot in sales worldwide superpositions, especially if kept close to the level of sales achieved by the iPhone 5 last weekend, as the last model of Samsung Galaxy reached the figure of 20 million units, only in his first hundred days of being available.