Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO seems to have ensured the success of its predecessor, Steve Jobs, given the expectations of consumers for the new ‘smartphone’.

The features of the iPhone 5 not yet officially known, but the expectations of consumers to purchase the new version of Apple’s flagship product is of such magnitude that the company already plans to have it on sale next week of its presentation and million units available. Tim Cook, who will chair the press conference scheduled for presentation on October 4 at 10:00 am from California, has thus ensured the success of his predecessor in office, Steve Jobs, Since returning to the company he co-founded in 1996 by the hand of the innovative products it promotes.


Apple and the expected sale of the iPhone 5

The iPhone or iPhone 4 S 5 has generated great expectations among consumers, according to a survey by the consulting Change Wave broadcast by CNN, 31% of the 2,200 respondents believe likely or very likely to purchase the new version, six points more than in the existing desire before launching the iPhone 4, and the number rises to 66% if current user is Smart phone’s signing of the apple. Another study of Inmobia, The largest independent mobile advertising, reveals that 41% of owners of a smartphone U.S., Canada and Mexico plans to buy the new Apple product, even without knowing its characteristics, 50% of which expect to do in the first six months after its submission.

Google Android and BlackBerry lost market

Inmobia also expected to launch the new iPhone will be the most successful in history, and allow Apple to increase from 27% to 41% its current market share of smartphones, and snatch, well, a significant percentage of brands such as Google’s Android or BlackBerry. Is that 27% of consumers who use a device with the operating system of plans to switch to the new search engine smartphone Cupertino’s signature, and in the case of BlackBerry the percentage of loss would reach 52%, and that although this simply an upgrade Apple iPhone 4, although in this case, interest buy down from 41 to 15% of total .

Apple expected good results after the introduction of the new iPhone

Tim Cook, therefore, will chair the first conference presentation financial results for the last quarter, on 18 October amid a global expectation for purchasing the new Apple’s flagship product, whose characteristics are already known by millions of users who expect the new version from nearly the previous release in June 2010. And then he will also give the first results of the most anticipated sales smartphone the Silicon Valley company, whose sales are estimated to be between 19.5 and 25 million units in the last quarter of 2011 and reach 27 million for the first quarter of 2012. For now, it’s official in the preceding fiscal quarter, they had a 142% increase over the previous year.