Apple is the biggest company in the world thanks to the success of your smartphone, which is one of the best examples of the technological advances of the new century.

The world economy in recent times is influenced by technological advances arising in the environment mainly large private companies, not the State as was common in much of the twentieth century when, following the Great Depression , economic activities were subjected to an unusual state intervention .

The armament and technological advances in the twentieth century

Technical innovation and technology had by then the strange impulse of the arms race, especially in the United States, encouraged many of the great innovations developed some of which in collaboration with private firms, taking advantage of its growing international hegemony, then the rentabilizaron the rest of the world. While in the former USSR, the largest U.S. competition the tight government control was the same in the field of research and science.


Liberalism and the technological revolution of the late twentieth century

With the crisis of the seventies the economy, production, finance and national policy and global approach to liberalism again consolidated in the late eighteenth century by the hand of Adam Smith , while starting a new process of internationalization of certain economic activities at this point in the history of technological progress significant impact on the media and information.

Internet and media and information

The advent of the Internet is just the best manifestation of that, having been the result of a project commissioned by the Department of Defense U.S., while the medium or instrument in which most of the main and subsequent technological innovations related to communication still run, being the SMS, e-mail or e-mail, social networking and e-commerce , some manifestations of it.

Large companies and communication technology ‘online’ current

Context in which they begin to highlight companies like Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Google, RIM, Nokia, Motorola, Facebook or Samsung, that would not exist if they had not appeared the computer or the Internet, or simply come from the private sector to drive such technological innovations that will continue to determine the personal, social and business for some time and yet unexpected ways.

The iPhone and Apple as the world’s largest company

Apple Inc., however, is what has highlighted and also among all other existing companies having become the largest in the world, mainly, the success of its flagship product media: the iPhone, which has sold over 250 million units and earned revenues in excess of 150,000 million dollars, according to a report from research firm Strategy Analytics released .

The challenge for the iPhone 5 Galaxy from the threat of Samsung S3

First smart phone with the signing of the apple captivates millions of customers and leads the new market segment of wireless communication created its launch in January 2007. He hopes to do so in a context of increased competition led by the smartphone Samsung of South Korea, whose latest model, the Galaxy S3 which operates with the software for Google Android is the most widely accepted approach you time and performance.