The new Apple tablet will reach a market driven by small and cheap Amazon Kindle Fire that has already begun to threaten the Galaxy Tab by Samsung.

The imminent arrival of the iPad 3 would cause Apple to maintain its hegemony for a while in this new and growing segment of the wireless or mobile, it is expected that a device is much better than its predecessor, after the growing market electronic tablets it was removed with the advent of the Kindle Fire the last quarter of 2011.


The global market for ‘pc tablets’ continues to grow

Another indication of the growth of this relatively new market for wireless communication, is the rising willingness of consumers to use devices that represent them to access mainly to the Internet, which at the same time has made them to stop using PC’s traditional .

Apple and the sale of their products determine the market

Only the sale in 2011 of some of the products of the Cupertino company, supports this trend. For 156 million iPads, iPhones and iPods touchs fed its IOS operating system were sold, far exceeding the 122 million Macs sold by the firm in the 28-year history of your desktop computer.

New electronic tablets will still appear

This explains why they are increasingly the product manufacturers and technology and media, who decide to venture into this innovative market segment driven by the iPad, which is both encouraging social relationships through social networking online or e-commerce or e-commerce, but not to the extent initially expected , the case of Amazon being one of the most notorious.

Amazon Tablet Tab Galaxy beat the last quarter of 2011

While Apple’s Tablet PC hegemony held between October and December 2011, selling 15.43 million units corresponding to 57% of the market, the Fire Kindle from Amazon moved from second place that until then had the Samsung, to achieve to sell 3.88 million units accounted for 14.3% of the total, while the Galaxy Tab of the South Korean device sold 2.14 million or 8% of the total.

Apple and Samsung dominate electronic tablet market in 2011

But throughout the 2011 Silicon Valley technology reigned with iPad tablet to cover 62% of the global market, South Korea ranked second with 9%, 6% Amazon despite the rather late arrival of their tablet (late September), Barnes & Noble 5%, 3% Asus, among others.