With job creation as a major objective, the focus Popular Party government early in the EU and markets

The results general election of 20N are a handover of power to the Popular Party by citizens. Several factors (the main, poor economic management of President Zapatero) give a very comfortable absolute majority to the party led by Mariano Rajoy. After the election night celebrations, it’s time to work. Its electoral program Accused of ambiguous, provides, in many measures to alleviate the economic situation and create jobs.


Economic priority

As reported from the Popular Party, Rajoy promised in election campaigns to generate three million jobs “destroyed Rodriguez Zapatero.” To do this, one of the key face to face with Rubal caba and the whole campaign “popular” have been the SMEss. Rajoy is in small and medium enterprises of escape routes for the crisis. As the socialist candidate also sought, the goal is to facilitate job creation, but also add incentives for job creation, above all to hiring the first employee.

Aid to firms coming in the form of rebates and tax deductions. Corporation tax and VAT taxes are the most damage to small entrepreneurs, especially in sectors such as services, which go through a worse situation because of the economic situation. Lowering the tax attributes of companies permitted under the new government will be the creation of new businesses. Entrepreneurs who have Spain may go back to the market to increase supply. The demand will come if the jobs are. To achieve this, there will also be important deductions for SMEs in hiring personnel, especially in hiring the first employee. Still can not ensure the exact amount or percentage, but the idea taken from both PSOE and PP is lowered by the amount of Social Security that the employer has to pay for each employee.

Measures agreed

According to statements by some PP councilor soon after the election victory, the next administration intends to be a consensus government. The legitimacy achieved through an absolute majority is not to deny that the government is a moral obligation to “consult with other parties and seek consensus measures,” said the councilman. Mariano Rajoy, and warned in his first speech after the election result which will deal with President Zapatero and Rubalcaba “a transfer of powers model” and will be for the next legislature. With a weakened PSOE, not assumed a belligerent opposition, except for the UI and Amaiur minority. The PP, therefore, may seek a consensus on economic measures that presumably will find, as it did with the approval of “express” the constitutional reforml.

First term for employment and foreign confidence

The PP councilor in Prat (Barcelona), Juan Carlos Ochoa, warns that Rajoy’s priority is to create employment. On top of that, it’s not time to panic and political disaffection democratic problems that affect the UI and UP yD games and movements such as the 15M. It’s time to focus on the economy and restore confidence to the outside. Ministries of Economy and Foreign Affairs will take on vital importance. Jorge Moragas’s relationship with Germany is to revitalize relations between Spain and the Germanic countries and create a bond with Angela Merkel, critical of Zapatero’s measures. No doubt that in his first days in office, Mariano Rajoy will find a calm sea with a vote of confidence from the markets and European institutions. But time is running and the situation in Greece and Italy continues to threaten Spain. Markets do not hesitate to attack a liberal government if it does not meet the requirements.