The first appointment the day of receipt of funds, the road is often bumpy.the positive attitude, of course!

To do this, a targeted e-mail with your executive summary is sufficient.Similarly, a storefront greatly facilitates the process.A company often cited by the media interest inevitably more. some entrepreneurs, probably underestimating the power of the press, allocating too few resources to their communication,

Earn their trust

If getting a first appointment is not always easy, only your ability to carry it out can lead to further interviews and thus get closer to your goal.It’s more complex than one year it seems, explains Olivier April, Acting Manager of Finance, a specialist in financial management for SMEs. It is to inspire investor without giving the impression that you dream for yourself. Feel free to mention your past experiences to support your claim.


Gain the confidence of someone takes time and is cultivated on a daily basis. Hence the importance of maintaining a coherent long-term.Only once the seduction seems to operate as appropriate to reinforce his remarks by presenting a detailed analysis of the project,through your business plan for example. “The caller now needs to be reassured by accurate data, calculated closer to market reality, At this stage, it is not uncommon that some investors are slow to formalize their decision in order to verify that the short-term goals developed by the entrepreneurs are made or at least is better to have on hand several letters of intent (see the glossary) are detailed enough to compare them but to find themselves in a strong position in the discussions.It is only during the phases of negotiation and “due diligence” (see the glossary) that everything will be decided.

Beware of clauses

If the willingness to invest is sometimes taken quickly, the negotiation phase can, in turn, take several months to the extent that both parties are to discuss the valuation of the company, its daily management, needs to finance the capital share will be transferred, the exit of investors . Before you embark on a real showdown, “do you set limits. Remember that an agreement must satisfy both parties. If the value is an important criterion, the terms of the shareholders are just as important. To please your future partner, do not accept incentive criteria that could subsequently be too ambitious to affect you.Be optimistic while remaining cautious,