FICPI, made up of all data concerning individuals who have had repayment problems related to loans they contracted with financial institutions, is held by the Bank of France. Embodying a law passed by the end of 1989 under the leadership of Ms. Neiertz, Secretary of State for Consumer Affairs, it serves to anticipate and deal with debt situations, informing banks and other services and facilities Credit lenders.


The financial position of their clients. In general, the objective of FICPI ​​is to protect the individuals that use of consumer credit and especially those who are to be excessively indebted. However, there are questions, especially regarding the process of listing and delisting the famous file, the different conditions and time limits that determine these various Scriptures, as the case. These points require some explanation in order to better understand the FICPI.

When we want a bank loan, a file review is normally carried out by the lending institution (banks or financial institutions) and is at this level that the FICPI. Actually, it keeps track of individual “bad payers” and bankers to find people stuck, especially for non-payment, due to various causes such as bankruptcy, unemployment or illness, but in most cases, delays of payment. Note that only banks and financial lending institutions are authorized to access those files that everyone be aware of his situation, orally, at the counters of the Bank of France.

Causes Registration FICPI

Registration for the FICPI ​​does not happen by chance and if it is registered, is that you failed to pay its debts or overdue 2 months, and for good reason, it has a negative balance of value greater than or equal to 500 Euros, with always a delay of 2 months (equivalent to 60 days) or was a financial dispute with a lending institution, the course of legal proceedings involving such a letter of formal notice . Thus, in such cases, if a case filed in the commission of indebtedness of the Bank of France, one must expect to be automatically be listed in FICPI.

Some useful information

We are stuck depending on its position towards credit institutions. A person registered FICPI ​​for late payments will have their name removed files after 5 years, that for a loan within a single institution, but for those who have several, registration can take up 8 years, since the data subject is the subject of a personal recovery. In addition, subjects who receive a longer repayment period, deletion or debt relief, are recorded at FICPI ​​for 10 years.

What does it once the debt is paid?

Normally, the cancellation in FICPI ​​people who have paid off their debts is made from a window of a branch of the Bank of France at the request of the lending institution, two months after the filing of the case. Sometimes it may be always on the famous sheet when it is estimated to have everything settled then, before you say it is the victim of an “abusive FILING”, it is appropriate to review all payments to control if nothing left to duty. Then, notify the bank of the situation in which we, if we settled all debts still registered in the FICPI ​​then wait a while to see the result. However, if there is no evolution, there is the possibility of using litigation to raise the filing away from the competent court.

FICPI ​​and credit

Since the FICPI ​​is established to increase the vigilance of lenders who may be subject to long-term debt, an individual who is registered will be very difficult to get a loan, the chance is little or almost zero. By cons, those who own real estate that could be used as collateral for loans are not affected by the impediment.