Soon a single European patent valid in all member states will emerge.

Create a single European patent is to say, valid in all member countries of the European Union, without regard to formalities distinct.that is how to advance the European states to protect industrial property companies.On June 27, 2011, 25 of them agreed to a political agreement on the modalities of application of such a patent.These arrangements were endorsed by the ministers responsible for competitiveness,manager of the firm of patent attorney Marks & Clerk France, talks about the issues the patent.

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If the European patent unit should be created, what are its characteristics?

The idea of ​​a European patent has existed for over thirty years. In 1973, seven countries have signed an agreement that gave birth to the European Patent Office.The idea then was this with a single application, a company could obtain a patent valid in all member countries. In one condition , she must fill herself the various formalities, including those related to language.For example, for his paper to be valid, it must be translated into the language of the target country. Today, the European unitary patent aims to simplify procedures to provide the company of these various procedures. It will not have to apply for patents in 27 countries of the Union.

The creation of this patent does she not confront disagreements among the 27 members of the European Union?

The unitary patent will not succeed without the establishment of a court, to adjudicate patent validity and infringement. Currently, European patents are issued centrally by the EPO,but are subject to each jurisdiction and the European Court of Justice has no jurisdiction patent. Also we need a new body which will issue a ruling applicable to all countries.

The unitary patent is it a boon to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs?

its main advantage, it is true, is that the company will no longer have to wonder about the list of countries in which it wishes to protect its products.However, it is unclear how many will cost the unitary patent. No price is announced on the filing at this time. However, France and the United States, SMEs benefit from reduced taxes. This has not been discussed at European level and it would be interesting to ask the question .