Electricity rates rose 3.3% in January and became cheaper by 6.6% in April. Now rise again in a complex adjustment mechanism.

The electric bill in Spain experience a further rise after changes in billing periods and reading mode power consumption made ​​last April. This variation in electric rates comes after the descent of 6.6% last April. Moreover, the Minister of Industry, Jose Manuel Soria, pledged to freeze the regulated part of the electric bill, but so far that goal is pending comprehensive reform in the electricity sector. In this dance of receipt prices and modalities should take stock of the changes in the energy sector.

The year 2013 began with a 3% increase in the electricity bill. This increase in the price of electricity culminated a complex process of adjustments and increases in this important domestic consumption, which has required a real instruction manual so that the consumer could understand the different concepts of the electricity bill. The rise in the price of electricity, which it ratified on day 27 Jose Manuel Soria, is accompanied by a new law that allowed users to recover payment bimonthly electricity bills. Since April consumers can apply bimonthly billing and actual reading. Reading that will provide consumers as occurs with water and gas.


2012, a year of ups and adjustments in electricity bill

According to calculations by consumer associations, the electric bill in 2013 will experience an annual increase of 8.3% for the average user. The computation is done by reference to 73,99 euros to be paid January 2012. But the past year has marked a milestone in the process of setting the electricity sector. In April the electricity bill rose 0.7%. In July, it introduced a new price adjustment in the tariff of last resort, TUR which increased by 4.3%. In September, the increase in VAT from 18 to 21% more expensive power back. October came with a slight relief for consumers to apply a drop of 2.1%. Finally this maze of tariff adjustments reached its peak when the Government implemented several Supreme Court Car tolls concerning access to networks forcing various re bills for the fourth quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012. For this reason since August of last year’s electric bills included these additional re billing, in addition to increasing electricity bills, they said in a leaflet for consumers could understand the different concepts in the receipt.

Returns the bimonthly electricity bills and actual reading

At the last Council of Ministers of 2012 the government passed a decree from April will allow users to benefit from the actual reading bimonthly billing. So far and from September 2008 the turnover was estimated monthly reading other month. This system meant that consumers were aware of their energy consumption in order to improve fuel consumption and get a charge of electricity. With the Royal Decree approved by the government now, if the aim is to end excessive billings estimated reading from and allow them to be the consumers themselves to facilitate meter reading.