Bio-ceramics is a mixture of rocks, mainly of volcanic origin, heavily loaded with various metal oxides. It consists of a mixture once ground which will be added a binder or polymer in order to apply it on the textile. bio-ceramics once “embedded” in the matter, either as membrane or printing has the effect of reward and appointee your body the energy and released it with a simple reflection effect. The bio-ceramic also helps to fight against the loss and heat reduction.

Far infrared reflective generate micro-vibrations which initiate a thermal reaction raising the temperature of the tissues that causes dilation of blood vessels in turn improves blood circulation without increasing heart rate.Bionec adopted this on its range of textiles and shoes, offering you wellness and comfort. Through the membrane, the t-shirt improves your posture held by balancing the softener by regulating the body temperature of your body. This product is used by top athletes and professional fields, he participated in a . better supply of oxygen throughout your body, giving you a faster removal of lactic acid and muscle toxins. As for shoes, Bionic offers several types of models: those who prefer flexibility with a breathable effect and optimum cushioning thanks to its lightweight sole that absorbs shock, those for the race and others for hiking.


Hiking is an outdoor activity that is to follow a route that is walking . It is both a hobby and a form of discovery exercise accessible and feasible everywhere. Its duration is extremely variable: walking, hiking, trekking in remote destinations. Where the allocation of Trekking shoes designed for walking, they are hiking shoes are light enough as they weigh an average of 265 g. This is a pair that covers your foot and with his very resistant sole, it gives you comfort that will allow you to master any terrain. Through its bio-ceramic lining, it gives you strength, flexibility and balance, a welcome comfort!