The year 2012 is presented full of uncertainties, so you decide where to invest in the Spanish stock market is not easy.

Since the beginning of the crisis is not easy to know where to invest on the Spanish stock for at least not lose much, and if you can win some money, because almost no one is having a very high profits. It seems that the situation is still bad as the years pass and even glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel. It is natural that a few people are encouraged to buy shares, and to do so, much information as possible, and proceed very cautiously.


The year 2012 begins full of doubts. The main problem is the horrible situation in the euro area, which does not bode well. In Spain, in particular, the situation is marked by the appointment of the new government of Mariano Rajoy, which in principle can be good if it generates investor confidence and opens up good prospects in relation to a possible economic recovery that seems remote. For now, the new Minister of Economy, legislature has begun warning that Spain re-enters recession.

Why choose to invest in stock market?

So, it is impossible to foretell where to put the money. But invest in gold is inadvisable, because although they have maintained continuous increases lately, it’s likely a bubble of high prices of the refuge value. For its part, the public debt remains stuck at high levels, nor the Spanish stock market is the best option for their instability, infrastructure cuts affecting the industry, the decline in sales of telecommunications, and financial sector restructuring needed . Many experts recommend betting on Wall Street, on the values Coca-cola and McDonalds.

If still we opted for the Spanish stock market is clearly not the time to take big risks and be adventurous in search of the ‘pitch’. It is best to try to find safer values, in short, large companies and those that are part of the IBEX 35. It’s a good idea to look for those values ​​that have a significant dividend yield.

Why companies to bet? Telefonica, a good recommendation for 2012

So, the recommendations can be given to investors are not revolutionary or invent the wheel, but it should not come out of the most basic parameters in 2012. For example, it is a good choice Telefonica share that after buying Vivo Portugal Telecom is strongly implanted in Brazil, and established himself as one of the major telecommunications companies. Getting benefits which will result in benefits for shareholders. It remains the flagship of the IBEX 35, no doubt.

As a heavyweight, Telefonica holds up well the uncertainties and storms. It is expected that dividends paid in 2012 of 1.75 euros at least, and this figure is not at risk. Model is certainly value to be searched. While fixed telephony in Spain now generates losses for their oversized workforce, the company will remain high due to its huge international diversification.

Safer values, called ‘blue chips’

Telefonica addition, there are other strong companies called ‘blue chips’, which are those that are considered the strongest in the Spanish market. For example Repsol goes up, especially since he announced a 75% raise their net production of hydrocarbons in Bolivia, in the next three years. The company also operates strongly in other countries such as Argentina, where he plans to invest nearly 300 million euros in the unconventional oil recently discovered in the country.

Is it good to invest in Iberdrola? Shares can be bought cheaply, and is expected to increase their profits, so you can apostarpor this power. In the energy sector is good also opt Gas Natural-Fenosa, so solid that it will maintain its contribution against all odds.

Another safe option is invest in the big Spanish banks, Santander and BBVA. Their prices are high and have always paid generous dividends, compared with other companies. In conclusion, 2012 is not the best year to invest in the Spanish stock market, but with a little caution you can at least not lose and gain from something.