Finding the right insurance for a car can be a headache. Should follow some basic guidelines to make a good decision.

After buying a car arrives decision more important. He must choose between a third-party insurance or to any risk. The cost will vary depending on two variables: the age of the vehicle and the price of the car. Obviously, it can cost the same to ensure a Mercedes E-Class a Seat Ibiza, nor a vehicle to a newly acquired second hand. The cost of insurance can also vary depending on the age of the insured driver.


Secure the vehicle against all risks

It is the most expensive option, but recommended if you own a new car or little old. This means including all policies offered by the combined insurance company. Clauses typically include personal accident (death, disability, injury, medical expenses, hospital and ambulance), own the car damage (all damage or franchising), theft (illegal removal of third parties), fire (combustion or explosion and lightning) and breakage of plate (placement and replacement costs), as well as possible other supplemental policies (loans for repairs, replacement vehicle, license withdrawal, defense in fines).

Third Party Insurance

Is right if you insure a vehicle over five years. This old car is losing value faster and if they suffer a loss, the insurance company will never pay more than the market value of that car, so not worth fully insured. Or what is the same, if the car has a lot of old, the insurance company can refuse to repair it if it exceeds the cost of the vehicle.Usually in these cases, the company offers compensation for the market value of the vehicle rarely reaches to repair the damage, and even less to buy a new car.

Car Insurance Comparison

According to the site Insurance OK has analyzed various insurance brands to get the best value for money. Have been taken into account the following variables:

* Own damage.
* Claims for damages.
* Criminal Defense Coverage.
* Liability voluntarily.

Third Party Insurance for the best brands in value are: Hotline, Mutua Madrilena and Direct Insurance.
Therefore, the most important thing to consider is the age of the car and its actual cost in the market to choose policies that best for us.