Apple Inc. presented its new smartphone next September and arrive in stores on 21, according to recent rumors that proliferate on the Web

The new iPhone 5 Apple would come a month before the date on which the majority is waiting, next September 12 and October as the month to its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. Confirmed the conjecture that as expected, is increasing as we approach the launch date of the new product version more media and cost of the firm in Cupertino, California.

Signs of the impending arrival of the new iPhone

Highlights in this respect some reports sent to U.S. financial authorities, in which evidence the payment of 5,000 million dollars to component suppliers and other means of production of Apple Inc., the past quarter ended in June, which gives understand a significant increase in the production of what clearly seems to be the next iPhone 5, which would be presented in both September and perhaps next to a mini iPhone and some other products. It should be borne in mind that before the release of new versions of Apple products tend to bid earlier versions, as is happening in the United States where several operators have started to sell freely and without permanent contract, versions of iPhone 4 8 GB and 16 GB iPhone 4S white or black.


Decline in social networks influences other technology companies

All in time for the sector in general, although commanded by social networks, it seems to start living a kind of decline that media like The Wall Street Journal defined as the bursting of a “new Internet bubble” . As evidenced also the latest quarterly results of many technology companies like Apple Inc. , in which case it partially attributed to the expected arrival of the iPhone 5 .

The economic crisis is felt in a sector that continues to grow

Smart phone company co-founded by the late Steve Jobs, who is expected to exceed sales expectations of his predecessors to try to overcome not only the numbers that is already making the new model Galaxy Samsung S3 , its biggest competition in the sector, but also to maintain the hegemony that seems to retain in the wireless communication segment since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. Especially in one of the territorial areas with more growth potential, the China market , and despite the vicissitudes of the global economic crisis that particularly in the U.S. and Europe began to slow sales of smartphones in recent months.