The corruption is and feels. The impact of bribes paid each year into the pockets of criminals has strong impact on taxpayers. These same effects have been quantified and the data that comes out is truly alarming. Every citizen, in fact, pay on his skin corruption with 170 euro in less than a year, which, multiplied by the number of inhabitants Italian gives a figure staggering: well 10 billion of GDP going up in smoke and penalize everyone, even those with the corruption that has nothing to do with it.

And the issue of corruption, as well as being a serious problem for the economy in general, is very dangerous for the health . Sounds strange but it is true: the money that goes away every year in bribes and the like take the ability to treat and prevent diseases. The estimate for 2010 is from this point of view a real bolt from the blue: well 200 children have died because there was no money for proper care .All these data leave anything but positive of a dossier of Bank world then adapted to our situation by the Italian association Libra, Ambivalent and public notice they have gathered these numbers from thrill “Corruption, the numbers of hidden tax that pollute and deplete the country “.


In Italy as well as in the world. Throughout the world it is estimated that every year they get paid more than one billion dollars the bribes , a figure that impoverishes everyone with a collapse of the global GDP by about 3% . And corruption has devastating effects for the mere fact of being perceived and provoke distrust among citizens. The level of this distrust is quantified in the CPI , an index of perception of corruption whose increase causes a decrease from year to year in terms of productivity .

On the other hand things here that we do not go very well over the crisis that has invested in recent months. The 2011 Euro barometer survey, which interviewed citizens of well 27 countries other than the EU, has estimated that in Italy 12 people out of 100 have been required in a year more or less veiled bribes against our European cousins ​​who stop at ‘ 8% year .