There is no law that takes, even those enacted by decree Save Italy ‘s Monti government. The reason is obvious. Anyone with a ‘ drive large capacity and want to spend less, they will not be arriving fines and have free access to particular areas such as town centers, will not have to do anything but register their car in Germany or, in the case of cars already in possession, matriculation as we will see here soon.

Without the law, find the loophole, in fact. This possibility of escape , but not to deal with, the IRS is allowed by some “holes” normative that, in fact, did not take account of this possibility for the Italian drivers to move to the documentation of your car in Germany or, as it is spreading in recent months, also in many countries of Eastern Europe. To take advantage of this formula many companies of Italy but lately many individuals in possession of powerful cars here that would cost very much money between Superbowl, insurance and so on.

Let’s start by Superbowl. After the maneuver Monti, in fact, the so-called luxury car forced their owners to pay 10 euro per Kw it exceeded the maximum of 225. Same applies to the RCA, more and more greedy, than in Germany costing many euro less. But how do those who already have company cars or private escape so easily in the Italian tax authorities? Just sell your car to a German broker who will matriculation in his country, renting it then the true owner, who here in Italy expects to drive a super car without super taxes. Those who do not own a car but want a powerful free of charge, they can rent it to Germany to take in long-term or leasing. With all the advantages.


In addition to insurance much cheaper and Superbowl avoided, register a car in Germany can escape automatically, tutors and camera inputs in areas or town centers (which do not register the foreign number plates) and escape the retrofitted. Yes, you read that right. And this is because foreign companies that rent cars even outside their nation are not required to report to the IRS customer data, which is the case for the Italian car.

And to close “in style” this framework, we add that to all those who are already in possession of a car will not have to move to Germany. Just send all the documents necessary for the performance of the practice. So much for the resolution number 344 of 2008 decided by the Revenue that certainly would never have expected such a situation that, now did it get into the coffers of the state “only” 66 of the € 177 million provided by retrofitted and Superbowl. To the detriment of those, however, goes to work, pick up the kids and go shopping with a simple utilitarian.