New international development, To materialize these goals require money, even a dynamic is rarely out of his pocket.Dispose of shares of his company to investors who covet, in turn, profitability in the longer term.Bring in capital to shareholders put off some business leaders who fear losing control. No paranoia, always keep in mind that you share the same goal: to build on what already exists.

All investors are created equal, both in their experience of your industry in their strategy. To decide, never lose sight of your ultimate goal.

Digging in the dark on the Web in search of the shareholder comes down almost ideal for a needle in a haystack.If there is a plethora of information freely available on the Internet, they are not necessarily reliable or regularly updated and remain difficult to interpret by novices. Especially since “according to the times of the year, investment funds can be in times of day and not actively looking for deals.You may, without knowing it, wasting your time, “warns Marc Oiknine, co-founder of Alpha Capital Partners, asset management.To gather critical data, it is advisable to browse shows, magazines relating to peel the recent mergers, acquisitions and fund raising and attend workshops led by investors and trade unions.You can also contact your bank.Indeed, all the French stores have subsidiaries that may invest in various projects, provides an example Olivier April, Acting Manager of Finance, a specialist in financial management for SMEs.


Also collected from contacts in your network. Do not hesitate to recommend is a definite asset to win an interview. If necessary, surround yourself with experts seems to be the most optimal and least time consuming.Especially since even if these fundraisers add to the bill, initially, this extra cost is quickly amortized when the lifting happen.

your needs and goals

Start by asking the right questions.Why do you need to introduce a shareholder capital?If it is to fund the launch of a new product,it should turn to an investment fund specializing in venture capital or development capital,depending on the stage of life your business.

The seed stage companies can, for an innovative project, sent to capture the interest of business angels, these wealthy individuals who, in addition to an equity contribution of 25 000 to 250 000 euros, pass on their expertise and their address book. If you are looking for industry expertise, target-oriented companies in your industry.

Selecting an investor is to choose a spouse. Your relationship based on mutual trust and can last four years and over, “Marc Oiknine particular on its behavior and degree of involvement in managing and coaching in subsequent entries.

Fly its website is not enough. “Do not hesitate to contact his previous partners to get feedback and ensure the accuracy of transactions and amounts listed on their site. See also your banker, lawyer or an accountant to get their opinion.Just as it is imperative to take into account the size and nature of funds .you will be able to identify who you are. For a fundraiser, it is primarily a decisive encounter between people who want to move forward together.