This is a key moment in the career of your employees. No way to patch this financial year, demobilize at the risk of your teams. Tips and stories to make this appointment a source of motivation.

In a few days, Patrick Tessier is preparing for the craziest month of the year. For, in addition to the daily management of his company, the entrepreneur will conduct regular performance of its 30 employees. An exercise that the boss of the Paris region SSII does not take lightly.I spent a full month each year, with two talks daily at least two hours. This is an essential act of management, through which all problems can be laid on the table.


For in the universe of SMEs, this annual exercise designed to take stock of the work of each employee is often carried out reluctantly. When he is not totally zapped.The figures speak for themselves: in 2002, a survey found that Apec only 19% of executives of companies with fewer than 50 employees were subject to an assessment interview, while the proportion rose to 73% in companies with over 2000 employees.SME managers do not see the need for a formal interview as they talk to their employees on a daily basis.The boss has few opportunities to take stock of skills and depth of applications of its employees,The exercise should be taken seriously.For the assessment interview is the key moment in which an employee can “let go” by giving his satisfactions of the past year, its bitterness, its difficulties.

A key factor in mobilizing the workers

Maintenance assessment is indicative of the social climate in the company, Besides it is a particularly popular rendezvous for employees.The care is a motivating factor and, conversely, neglect may demobilize the teams.Employees need a personal relationship with management to feel valued,” says Pierre-Yves Poulain. Grard Philippe has understood. Gay Decolletage Industries in the company of 47 employees that he bought in 2005, management had never taken the time to evaluate each employee. Matter of culture no doubt Cons√©quence Accordingly. A general frustration of the employees. “They had the feeling of not being listened to by management, not to mention that career development was frozen.On his arrival, the entrepreneur corrects the problem so quickly He sets up a serviced annually for each employee.The result is a boost of motivation. And the results speak for themselves: “The company has, for the first time this year to return to profit,” said the leader, who refuses to believe in chance.