Increases the time will soon arrive. A long-awaited period by employees that can be motivational as frustration. Valuation of an increase,pay freeze or refusal of a revaluation individual, how to talk compensation with employees? Elements of response.

The end of the year comes with its share of concerns. This raises the thorny issue of pay increases. Once your arbitrations (which will be increased and will not be), the game is far from over.We must take your choice. The way of presenting things is paramount. Grant increase, announced a wage freeze or refuse an individual increase should be accompanied by an appropriate speech.


Desc, a method to convey a difficult message

The technique allows Desc speak with assertiveness,Desc means:

-D to describe the situation
– E to express his feelings
– S to suggest solutions
– C to conclude positively
For example, I note that such record was made with more than a month late, jeopardizing the organization’s service. I’m sorry about this situation, I know you have the capacity to carry out such projects. I suggest you take training in time management. Thus, the deadlines will be less problematic.

Valuing a salary increase

Announce a salary increase may seem simple, in that the new will, a priori, to meet your employee. Nevertheless, your message must be clear. An increase is not a reward but it had a good year, taking initiatives or new responsibilities.You can rely on the balance sheet prepared on the occasion of the annual maintenance assessment (AIS) to recognize the work done, congratulate the employee for his involvement and explain in detail the increase granted.Enjoy this special time to motivate your staff and to fill any lack of recognition.

If the wage freeze

Cases frequently encountered in recent years, wage stagnation in business requires a special effort to communicate. It is advisable that you speak at a meeting to get your message to all employees. Be transparent with respect to the difficulties in your area.If your employees are aware of the complexity of the situation, they still may not measure the severity and did not probably expect a wage freeze.Be educator and clear, without going overboard by portraying a picture too dark.You would only generate anxiety in your neck laboris.

Reasons for refusing not to demotivate

It probably is the most sensitive approach for the entrepreneur: an increase in individual refuse. Peace and quiet are essential to deal with the situation and not make things worse.Your goal is not to discourage the employee in question. You will need to use diplomacy but not only.The mistake often made is not to take the time to explain your decision. Avoid confrontation would only worsen the situation. The employee must have an explanation, even if only a quarter of an hour to find out why you do not respond favorably to his request.

Motivate your refusal clearly in the language chosen. You can, for example, using the method Desc to get the message.This technique allows the formulation to be less direct, to cut corners and stay positive.

Stay factual and lean on the record established at the AIS. Point to the unmet goals and efforts still to be done, without drive the nail too deeply. Managers have a key role, that of recognizing the efforts and results of the employee.They must set goals available to their employees and give them the means to achieve them, including continuing education, key to their growing skills,End the interview positively by offering your employee better prospects.

Without making any promises that you can take, put forward the lines of advance which will probably get an appreciation of his salary the following year.