Undoubtedly, the improved version of the Xperia Arc has been a success worldwide thanks to its exceptional performance and display.

In Spain, the device has been very successful and excellent reviews. Its bright screen and design elegant – full glass front and rear curved design – making this one of the Android smartphone more attractive market.


Sony Xperia Arc features S

Sony has added many features to Android 2.3 operating system, some new social networking and Timescape. Also, Sony Bravia engine noise reduction and color enhancement image gets a brilliant screen when playing video and take pictures at a resolution slightly higher than the Samsung S2 Galaxy.

Among the features of Xperia Arc S include:

* 4.2-inch screen (480 x 854)
* Snapdragon MSM8255 processor single core to 1.4 GB
* 8 megapixel camera with LED flash
* 512 MB of RAM
* Bluetooth connectivity, HSDPA 14.4 Mbps, Wi-Fi
* Over 7 hours battery talk time and 460 hours standby

In Spain, the device can be purchased for a free price of 499 euros although the rates of the different operators with long-term contract price will be reduced.

Prices Vodafone with portability

Vodafone Spain has begun marketing the Sony Xperia Arc S. With new high – bringing the number portability from another company with long-term contract – its cost is between 0 and 199 Euros.

* Rate @ XS (24.90 euros per month): 289 euros.
* Fee @ S (29.90 euros per month): 179 euros.
* Rate @ M (39.90 euros per month): 79 euros.
* Rate @ L (59.90 euros per month): 29 euros.
* Rate @ XL (99.90 euros per month): $ 0.

Migration from prepaid to contract with Vodafone

Pass the number of prepaid contract with Vodafone also offers the opportunity to purchase the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, whose price ranges between 0 and 49 Euros to 179 Euros always associated with the appropriate fee and fee-term contract.

* Rate @ XS (24.90 euros per month): 179 euros.
* Fee @ S (29.90 euros per month): 159 euros.
* Rate @ M (39.90 euros per month): 109 euros.
* Rate @ L (59.90 euros per month): 49 euros.

Prices Xperia Arc S with Orange, Telstra and Movistar

Orange has also begun to offer its customers the new device Xperia range Contract 24 months and 18 months residence retaining the rate. These are their prices:

* Delfin Fee 79 Euros per month: 0 Euros.
* Delfin Fee 59 Euros per month: 0 Euros
* Delfin Fee 40 Euros per month: 29 Euros
* Delfin Fee 30 Euros per month: 69 Euros
* Delfin Fee 20 Euros per month: 109 Euros

Meanwhile, the company Movistar, has not yet made public the price of the device but it seems that in a few weeks bring to light their pricing plan to purchase this smartphone. For its part the company Telstra terminal also offers its customers a price ranging body of 109 euros and 299 euros and can be purchased in installments through portability, new high and migration.