Nobody is immune from an incident flow. If one day you’re faced with this problem, do not do the ostrich. Try to understand its origin and take the bull by the horns to resolve your concern quickly.

Suppliers shorten your payment terms? These issues can directly impact your cash flow. Cyclical reasons, such as poor weather or changes in government policy to assist the construction may cause temporary financial difficulties. It is therefore important to analyze the causes of your cash flow problem to find the most effective solution to address it. They can be very simple. cash flow problems are frequently associated with unpaid bills from your customers. It is not uncommon to have three or four months of receivables overdue. Here, the simplest solution is to pick up the phone and claim his due. But this strategy is time consuming. Hence the importance of good habits in advance. it will prevent you will soon receive their bill. Also if you work with out source important, it is essential to master the invoice processing circuits to know who to ask.Any information that you will immediately improve the collection of your account.

cash solution

Turn to its bank

You can then play easier on your body or your overdraft.Both allow you to have a current account debtor for a limited period, and fixed upstream in a negotiation with your banker. Naturally, cost is important because the rates associated with an account receivable are indexed to a base rate (currently 6.6%) plus the margin of the bank. these solutions allow you to cover your concerns treasuries spot.You can also negotiate a loan to fund a equipment or furnishings that you thought, wrongly, to pay cash.

You can sort your debts to finance. Found a less expensive, these solutions can assign to a third party in exchange for an additional line of credit.Some sort of ahead of future payments. There are several: the discount, which requires a letter of deals signed by your client, or the law Daily. This financing method is to transfer ownership of part of the client of his company to his banker in exchange for a credit line in the short term. In case of default of your customer on time, the bank will debit your account directly. You can also turn to factoring companies.They bought your assets and take care of getting paid for you. This is also an expensive solution since these companies are paid by commission on sales recovered. Finally, remember to take your time to pay, without leaving your bills hanging in the corner. Simply tell your various creditors that you pay a little late.

Whatever the chosen solution, prove that these temporary difficulties and you have put in place the necessary measures to solve them.