Business plans based on renewed market research techniques and a marketing plan their way into the world of web 2.0 and social networking.

Hand in hand with technological development and innovation , human relations in general and economics in particular, in recent years are being influenced and determined by new forms of communication and information, on the other hand, characterize the current globalization economic in which is immersed the world today.

E-commerce based business success of the future

Motivated by this new form of human interaction are being discussed, among which the so-called social networking digital or online , with which thousands of people relate more and more, of how just a few decades ago it was possible to do in person or staff. While many companies become interested in them, to use within the framework of modern tools of management to customers, employees and suppliers aware, so much, that in this way can help to affirm the growing market of electronic commerce , which tend to establish the success or failure of business of the future.


Universe of Web 2.0 and social networks

The birth of the Internet as an innovative means of communication and public information in the nineties, enabled universe today is known as Web 2.0 applications and all digital services or online arisen, to interact with some ease in the well known ” network of networks “and any currently existing social network, is a clear example.

Which, in its traditional conceptualization, includes a structure connected by friendship, kinship, economic exchange, sex, by sharing common beliefs, knowledge and prestige, among other interests and motivations. And the universality and independence attributed to the Internet world, allows anyone to create and to manage your own social network, and it just says that currently there are several dozen multicolored thematic targeting, which interact with thousands and thousands. Thereby constituting an attractive area in which to apply economic and business strategies, designed to attract potential customers, especially those having to do with renewed marketing techniques.

The digital economy, the social network and your prospects

All this at a time as it seeks to consolidate both the digital economy or electronic, emerging, thanks to advances in communication technologies and information, on the other hand, tend to determine the growth and economic development and human of the future; so something similar by the way, how the context climate today motivates the emergence of business environmental momentous looming tomorrow’s economy.

And not to be left behind, several companies are beginning to adapt their traditional forms of communication to digital or electronic instruments such as social networks in order to continue to reach customers, employees and suppliers, in the context of the implementation of revised business strategies, in particular to each potential customer that is finally all membership and social network user.

The digital key relationship marketing and viral marketing

In this regard, strategies such as relationship marketing , aimed at making the company profitable permanent and become closer with customers to provide goods and services according to their needs and preferences, are becoming widely used, but adapted to the universe Web 2.0, with the name of Management of Customer Relations and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) .

More specifically the viral marketing , mainly but not exclusively targeted advertising campaigns on social networks which in times of economic crisis like the present, is of vital importance to be easy to implement, have a relatively low cost and earn a rate of high response, acting through self-replicating viral processes such as computer viruses, usually by word of mouth using personal computers or mobile phones.