The rise of social networking and brand management courses Community Managers. Myth or reality.

Social networking is a broadcast medium that allows you to influence others. Allow our cultural enrichment can encourage our creativity and our mood condition while enabling new business opportunities.


But social networks not a new concept. The concept that we all know not only refers to the new wave of digital spaces to meet people and keeping old friends is a reality that existed before the discovery of the internet. It’s just an extrapolation the conventional social networking system that exist outside of the network since man developed their social skills.

Defining the concept

With the advent of social networks on-line has emerged a new field of business and a new profession, the Community Manager. The courses are offered Managment Community for those who want to learn to manage the image of a brand or company or its marketing campaigns through social networks and get more faithful to it. In the words of Jose Antonio Gallego, chairman of AERCO, A Community Manager “is the person in a company that manages online communities related to the brand. Strategies is a task, a communication as well as objectives, only in a digital environment. According to the website of this association, the work of these people is to “maintain, enhance and defend the firm’s relationships with its customers in the digital realm.”

Courses and training

Either a master or a social networking-week course, universities and technical schools now have different offers on the market. The social marketing labor supply is a very good financial rewards and a more relaxed working environment. The network professionals are mainly from traditional careers and skills for handling tools. Their work is, rather, to move the work of the departments of communication, media and marketing in the field of network using the most popular social platforms on-line.

The University Rey Juan Carlos, for example, offers an MA in Digital Economy and Community Managment in association with the Spanish Association of Online Communities (AERC). Also the degree of post University of Barcelona and Social Media Community Manager. Both at a cost between 3,000 and 3,500 euros.

The social media appropriate for the job is community management are Linked In, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, blogs and Twitter, according to Lutz, who sees the advantages of blogs over the other and form what she calls the six elements of a management formula profiles successful websites.

Functions of the Community Manager and Business Opportunities

Heather Lutze, in his book, “The Findability Formula: The Simple and Non-Technical Approach To Search Engine Marketing”, A sort of ongoing social networks, explains how these can enhance marketing campaigns and corporate image of a company, combining the best position 6 social platforms and how to optimize your content to be easily found through Internet search engines .

Virtual Community Managers not only use this pathway to manage brand image or to develop campaigns are also a source of information about the target or potential audiences of his client, obtaining data that can predict to some extent the services or products that users may need in the future, opening new business opportunities.

There are even tools to develop this type of research as Web Social Ladder Harris Interactive Company Launches allowing users to categorize according to their participation and influence in social media and segmented according to their behavior, influence and type of participation in these networks that allow obtaining a more accurate profile of users when to develop marketing strategies.