Given the economic crisis, SMEs have been hit, yet support the Spanish economy.

The economic crisis surrounding the European Union these days suggests that, perhaps, start a new business is very risky. Here are some questions that can be embodied to change his mind.

SMEs and economic support

In Spain it has been above the rate of growth of SMEs in the rest of Europe and therefore has exceeded the carnage of the same. In the country, SMEs account is 7 per hundred inhabitants. SMEs are therefore those that are supporting the country’s economic system, so that could make the savior of the economic crisis if they are effective sources of funding and means the market reality.

For example, the European Commission presented the proposal: “Programme for Enterprise Competitiveness and SMEs” for the period 2014-2020, whose main objective is to improve access of SMEs to finance with new tools, improved internationalization, increasing access to markets and create an entrepreneurial culture across Europe, meaning that according to the trend, SMEs are the savior of the European economy, especially the Spanish.


Risk of Spanish SMEs

Another factor in the midst of the crisis makes small businesses look with stealth is the default. In a study conducted by Sage Spain, 50.79% of SME owners believe that this is one of the main fears of creating company in Spain. And a decisive factor, no doubt, are credit risk, as the lending rate, the reference values ​​and solvency are volatile and floating at the moment, not only in Spain. Thus 65% of SMEs not getting the credit.

Others will think more broadly, that the real problems of creating a small or medium business are with suppliers, as the same SMEs are also involved in the financial crisis and urgently needed liquidity and generally give few guarantees. This problem can be overcome if the SME learns to negotiate. Lack of training for small business makes negotiations with customers and suppliers prove wrong. Then is this a good opportunity to invest with optimism in the creation and strengthening of SMEs in Spain, especially now that what was believed stable within the financial system is sinking. Creativity can be an important ally in creating the company.