Afford the services of a commercial export, albeit a beginner, but cheap .It is possible, thanks to the device named Volunteer for International Experience.The principle is well oiled. The company says a mission of working abroad at a young age of 18 and 28, usually student bac + 4 / 5 for a period of 6 to 24 months. The volunteer can accomplish various tasks in one or more countries.

To use, simply contact to the world, which validates the project and approved the applicant company. This sign, in turn, an agreement stipulating the conditions and cost of the operation. “It usually takes three months between the first contact and the beginning of the mission. The visa requires sometimes several weeks, director of Civi, Centre for Information on International Volunteering. The recruiter free announcement broadcast via the dedicated , which has nearly 75,000 registered candidates, justify, for most, a year of overseas experience minimum. It can be assisted by counsel, who has three or four profiles that best fits its criteria.


The SME is also seen clear of its administrative and legal, which is the responsibility of world. If the company does not have local and abroad, it can still through world access to accommodation facilities economic missions of embassies. Not to mention the cost of the device very attractive: the compensation of LIFE is in fact exempt from taxes and social charges. The price is very variable between countries, even as the host city. It includes the wages of life, the order of 1 200 to 2 300 euros per month, and the costs of management and social protection, between 175 and 375 euros per month. SMEs can still count on the aid regional and national (import-export credit, insurance protection to reduce the bill.For example, the Regional Council of Pays an allowance that covers up to 100% of the amount of compensation paid to the Life of 12 months.