SMEs can make a communication as effective as larger companies. You just have to choose the appropriate means and removing complex.

The truth is that any company , large or SMEs , can make communication work is not something reserved only for big companies. The key is to get rid of complexes about whether size matters. It should not be compared with others in the world of media are tools for everyone. What you need to do is locate the best interest of each and manage them effectively.

Communication in business

Today there is a tendency to differentiate the offline media (traditional media) and online communication (which is done in Internet ), but it is wrong. They are not exclusive but are two tools in the service of Corporate Communications (with a capital). We must be clear that the communication is a race to the bottom: isolated actions are not effective. Therefore every SME should assess what means do you find most useful, both sides, and decide on strategies that will continue to extract maximum performance.


Offline communication for SMEs

Basically there are two formulas known to all pay and free. The advertising offline in different ways (ads, sponsorships) will cost money but need not be a huge budget . There are small media with a local scope and cheapest, better suited to the needs of an SME. Regional television and radio stations, local guides, industry publications . it’s easy to find this type of media on the internet looking for “media” with the name of your region or your industry. It is free to send press releases . Do not be afraid to call to see what kind of information can be interesting, where to send press releases and delivery deadlines before each closure. Is common and, depending on which publication will thank you even send them material. It does not mean anything bad that we do not publish a story, not always match our issues with the priorities of each number.

Online communication

Online communication is what really puts the same level to large companies and SMEs. Here plays the ability to add value and differentiate to know, beyond the economic capacity of each. As in offline communication, you can send press releases and media ads on the Internet. The difference is that online advertising has more variants than in the offline world (banner, video, SEM , social media advertising) and that in addition to the media, we must have any blogs or thematic portals influential in our areas and / or areas of interest. We must consider the social networks other media. Also called Social Media have their own way of working is totally different from offline media, but that should not scare us. If you have never used social networks can consult with a professional web 2.0 communication about what channels and strategies that most suit us.

It is not necessary-or desirable-being in all social networks. Depending on the type of product or service offered by our SMEs, must choose one or the other (or a combination thereof). Facebook and Twitter are the most massive but there are other places such as Myspace (with an adolescent audience), LinkedIn (for business professionals), Youtube and Vimeo (windows media productions), the recent Pinterest , thematic forums (which are also considered social networks) and many more. The practice will give us the set needed to manage our communication without limits.