France Biotech, an association of industries Life Sciences, proposes to revise tax measures six lights to make them more attractive to innovative SMEs.

Our goal is to launch an alarm to foster a favorable environment for innovation,” says Andre Choulika. The president of France Biotech, an association of industries Life Sciences, is a series of income tax proposals to innovative SMEs during a press conference September 13, 2012. “These proposals, sometimes announced by the government, but he has forgotten,” says Andre Choulika. Six in number, these ideas should be submitted soon to policy.

The research tax credit (CIR): is a measure that distinguishes France from other countries and makes it particularly attractive,” Andrew appreciates Choulika. However, France Biotech offers this device now incorporates the notion of risk, regardless of the size of the company. This would take into account the possibility that the product does not lead to 100%, to encourage emulation of R & D.


Young Innovative Company status (JEI): remains valid until 2013. France Biotech suggested extending this status to 12 years in the business, and not eight years as is currently the case.

Te pa law (which allows individuals to deduct investments in SMEs): France Biotech asking the government not to touch this and even suggests to further promote. Andre Choulika to “touch this device would evaporate to 2 billion investment in R & D by SMEs. ‘

The confiscatory taxation: for entrepreneurs should be replaced by a tax system that takes into account risk-taking entrepreneurs. The goal: stop penalizing success of French entrepreneurs and attract foreign investors.

The life insurance: recorded an outstanding amount of 1366 billion at end July 2012 (figures from the French Federation of Insurance Companies, FFSA). France Biotech is a vote in favor of the Finance Act, which advocate a collection of 3 to 5% of the outstanding life insurance directly injected to innovative SMEs.

Taxation of intellectual property: should be more attractive. “Today, the notion of a patent does not put forward by the government laments the president of France Biotech. However, it is necessary to improve the competitiveness French. “The association takes the example of the UK model: from 1 January 2013, the taxation of profits from patents will be set at 10%.