Earn income online is possible, though not half as easy to do, because like any job you have to work.

Earning money online is now a real possibility, very safe and could be very profitable, but some believe that this way of earning easy, so try it, see the difficulty and then quit.

There are many ways to make money online, but it all depends on the geographical location of the person and the limitations of the country to gain access to all, but that is not to be discouraged because there are sites that offer the chance to earn extra cash Third World countries.

They are virtual businesses, which are initiated by the person filling out surveys being offered worldwide, but only in a few countries is profitable, referral systems, which pay for reading emails per user and the person integrate, create a blog and sponsor ads, among others.

The Artist’s Den

This site is geared to people with artistic talents, which have their art in a drawer. Those who write poetry, draw, paint, take pictures, say or write articles on various topics are the kind of users requesting this site.


The share of income is similar to that of suite 101, so you still need to have perseverance, dedication and generate quality content, since this is reviewed before being published. The scope of this site is for anyone who speaks Spanish.


This site is also publishing. The difference is that here you can post goos, which may be contained on any subject. The earning is as in previous platforms and the dedication and quality of content are also important factors to increase revenue. Note that in all three platforms the registration and publication of content is free and you can earn revenue from its first publication, with the assurance that upon reaching the limit for payment, the three sites will pay the user by content.

Another very important point is that the authorship of publications still retains the user, since the only rights are granted tenure and diffusion, which is very convenient for the user. It’s a matter of deciding and stop thinking that the Internet is a scam or a source of easy money, because it is a very convenient, it can be a means to live.