In this overview of hiking backpacks will reveal what you should look for when buying and which backpack to who fits.

Even at first glance, the choice seems endless: hiking backpacks are different in color, size, shape, materials and frames. This alone is not enough. Who wants to buy a hiking backpack should also be thought to make the activities on which the pack is his companion in the future. Where can I walk? As long as I’m traveling on average? On which items (camera, cell phone, and hiking) I need regular access to? Which backpack to fits Who reveals the following buyer’s guide.

The correct fit of backpack

The most important rule is: The backpack should fit! Crucial here are first, the back length the backpack should end just above the buttocks and not stick out and, secondly, the width of the beam (back width). For women, there are special women’s models with a shorter back length and narrower distance carrier. This is not necessarily any fraus thing. Really the best backpack found only through trying on. Put the backpack, loaded best on, and adjust the straps.


How much volume does my backpack?

The volume required depends of course on the nature of the planned tours. Who is making day trips almost exclusively, is best served with a daypack. These typically include 25 to 30 liters. For multi-day tours to choose the best one backpack trip, which normally comprises 40-65 liters depending on the duration of the scheduled tours. You can use the infrastructure of hotels or lodges, of course, goes a little model, as neither food nor tent must be taken. The “heavy shot” among the trekking backpacks are backpacks, to find 85 liters of gear in their place. Who takes several weeks across the country, is hereby advised well.

Tip: Many packs have compression straps that allow it to shrink when not all small supply. You do not need another bag for every trip.

Of pockets, straps and zippers

In addition to fit and use the area, one should also consider how you want to grab his backpack. There are different variants: Most backpacks are loaded from the top, but there are models that can be filled from the front or the side. This is a matter of personal taste. Moreover, many packs of extra pockets on the lid and on the back or sides. So you have to rummage in the bag each time when you need the card, the bottle or the navigation device. Many backpacks have today with an inside pocket and mounting options for a hydration system, including drinking tube. The more pockets of the backpack, however, the more discipline you need to pack for his things and then recover. Who often with sticks or camera tripod car ought to make absolutely sure that there is appropriate fastening options.

What ventilation system?

Ventilation or air network channels in the foam? Here too, the answer is a matter of taste. In the first version of the single point of contact to the body a coarse mesh, the backpack is actually located at some distance behind. This provides more ventilation than individual ventilation channels directly in the back padding, the bag is smaller and tends to load up the heavy curve.

The first one (s) tour (s)

Thus prepared, the walking pleasure with the new crew was really nothing in the way. If at first tours some problems arise, please do not go back to the dealer. If the bag does not fit properly or suppressed, he was possibly not correctly loaded or unevenly. In a conversation with the seller, you can usually fix this. In addition, all major backpack manufacturers give warranty on their products. So should anything go broke, you can normally build on a repair or replacement by the manufacturer.