Investing in Apple is determined by the continued success of the most popular of its technological products, and the equally successful iPad tablet.

After the arrival of the iPhone 5 in September the value of the shares of Apple Inc. was around $ 700.00, in line with the many previous forecasts made ​​by various financial analysts, and its market value was close to U.S. $ 700,000.00 million, which will then be allowed hold the largest of all times.

Apple shares fell after the presentation of his ‘smartphone’

A few weeks later values ​​Cupertino technology significantly dropped to around U.S. $ 500 and closer to a market valuation of U.S. $ 494,450.00 million, despite the excellent levels of reserves and sales of the latest model of the most successful in its products, the iPhone 5 , whose sales may still depending more than 50% of company revenues.

The iPhone captive by consumers and investors alike

This rebound record Apple shares would be explained, first, by the immense expectations as fans and analysts, many investors had before the arrival of media smartphone, despite not having many of the benefits which may be expected and included many of the growing competition and present. They even predict that the unit value of Apple shares would be around by the end of year, $ 1,000.00. Something, however, many analysts, including Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, are as likely to occur only towards 2014.


Speculation about Apple

Forecast certainly expect the euphoria own context before the technology bubble of the century, that expectations can have any product in the current economic micro and macro inauspicious, given the impact of the latest economic crisis overall. Especially also the few remaining efforts in innovation evidenced after presentations of the latest models of the first major high-end phone in history, and without the presence of the charismatic and visionary Steve Jobs.

Can Apple rebound towards the end of the year?

It remains to check both the world’s largest technology is able to close the year recovering or exceeding the value after the arrival of the iPhone 5 registered and so if he can continue to do prevail prestige brand that nevertheless remains , before other issues among which are the best features of some competing models with its super phone and tablet iPad still unbeatable, its most profitable products. So far, sales of the iPhone 5 have made ​​again be the smartphone with more market share in the U.S., and December 14 is scheduled to arrive at the market of China .

The China market is strategic for Apple

Country where Apple hopes to cement its greatest growth in the coming years. And it starts right in the sight of the 100,000 reserves iPhone 5 achieved through operator China Unicom on Monday, and the 5000 China Telecom collected on the last Sunday, according to the website 9to5mac .