You can leverage the knowledge in computer and Internet to esteem at home extending their possibilities of success.

The employment situation is every day more complex, by various factors which has led to an increase in unemployment or poorly paid jobs. Faced with this panorama have to seek alternatives and how it can be to become an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur. It is important to evaluate the knowledge which possesses, its experience and tools that has to deal with the situation. One option is to esteem at home and take advantage of your computer. This can bring you several benefits: Elimination of cost of transport, reduction of stress, more time for living together with their families, especially their children, etc.

The first thing you have to do is identify the needs that have people and companies around the region where you live, choose to start a small area that might have a strategy of advertising and promoting horizontal, involving low-cost and based on the visit of potential customers. You can make your computer to do some brochures and letters recording their data, the services offered and the needs covering.


Conquer the education market with their knowledge in computing

There are several alternatives to convert their computer skills into a profitable business, they will discuss some of the most famous: the research and development of tasks is a niche in colonies where the child and youth population is considerable. Many people still do not have access to a computer, Internet or a printer; or parents have no knowledge about the materials or computer or don’t know to investigate on the Internet.

For top-level student is you can type, format or advise in the preparation of their thesis, depending on their knowledge in research methodology. Teachers need training materials that can be performed on the computer, taking advantage of the virtues of multimedia. If you have decided to engage in the educational world focus their advertising outside of schools.

Computing services that require professionals and companies

Another market niche are professionals and entrepreneurs who need to capture information, development of databases, market research, design brochures, presentations, lectures or classes; preparation of curriculum vitae or presentation of tax formalities of regularization of cars, payment of taxes, etc. Depending on the knowledge of different programs can be extended its services and in turn be charged more, simply if it dominates Office can generate Marketing campaigns, accounting for SMEs, etc. If you like and can do videos you can assemble a small Studio to design and upload them on channels such as Youtube to promote companies and professionals.

If you mastered a topic of interest can write a blog, that are alternative to monetize through the number of clicks that are made in ads and you will get a small profit or develop content that can draw the attention of mass media such as newspapers, magazines, radio or television. Advertising aimed at professionals and companies will have to distribute to companies and firms, also can be useful to be known through Internet websites focused on free ads.

Self-employment through governmental procedures advice

Governments increasingly are more demanding citizenship make their procedures and payments through the Internet, which has led to many people who do not have knowledge in computing may need to get advice to make appointments before social security institutions, to obtain documents of identification as the CURP, ask about programs, grants and services that offer the Governments.

You can also develop courses or conferences that update people to use computer and Internet in your daily life, business or in governmental procedures. In addition to technical processes, it is important that you tools to deal with the culture shock that involves entering the world of technology. The possibilities of using your computer to esteem are endless and depend much on their knowledge, experiences, tastes, etc. However, for marketing activity is to wrap with marketing to bring its services with the people or companies who need it.