These companies are envied, envied, but never equaled spied! Their order books and explode their sales outperform. But how do they do? Our exclusive survey provides some answers.

Crisis or not, some companies manage to exceed their sales goals. Their business, particularly effective, conquering every day new customers, managed by a sales manager (or officer) who can make the most of its teams. These have also fully integrated Web-related issues in their strategy and thinking about the evolution of their business in the short and medium term. Result, they have to trade efficiency outpace their peers. To detect these “pros” discuss the most effective practices and anticipate changes. Head of Enterprise Magazine and Mercuri International Business Partners, the department of marketing and business consulting group Mercuri International to the SOHO-SME, led the investigation by conducting a survey of managers of small and micro SMEs. The results, published here exclusively, are available in full on Chefdentreprise.The wording has shelled all the results in order to deliver the various secrets of business excellence.


SECRET 1: Prospecting more to earn more

This is the technique that SMEs prefer to cartonnent retention or increase in the average. A wise choice . but all the same limitations. Explications. Explanations.
Exploration remains the number one growth driver of the most successful SMEs, the survey of Mercuri International Business Partners.74% of them say in fact that their priority, with a view to developing their sales is prospecting. This is ten points higher than the rest of the companies surveyed (those who have not reached their goals.The crisis accentuates this trend analysis does. In addition to the natural erosion of their customer portfolio, the leaders want to anticipate the potential drop in orders inevitable in times of crisis. “And to put the odds on their side, SMEs outperform impress their prospects with a specific offer to 63%.

A matter of dosage

Another lesson of the study: only 4% of small business performance (against 14% of all respondents) consider the sale to customers as an additional potential source of growth. “Increase the average basket requires the capacity to innovate than small structures do not necessarily have “advanced the specialist.all actions that involve financial and human resources. From there to prefer to focus on the influence of his offer rather than its expansion, there is not a cross cheerfully performing SMEs. Perhaps wrongly, even if this strategy seems they succeed, they deprive themselves and a particular source of growth over the long term. Ditto for four out of five that have no process in place loyalty to boost their sales. loyalty is more to the overall policy of the company as a strategy [commercial itself. Second, keep customers requires a deep understanding of their profiles and their buying habits, among others. And few SMEs with less than 50 or 100 employees who are equipped. we believes that the ideal is 50% of conquest, 25% Loyalty, 25% increase in the average.The business continuity based on a more balanced view that emerges from the survey because the cost of acquisition a new customer is high. Also, this lever is to be integrated into a global dynamics, including the additional sales and retention,