Men in the heart of business strategy, business must reinvent itself to monitor the procurement process. A job that requires a development of new skills.For the business evolves.

In the world of selling, the machines will not replace the men soon. New technologies may rob them somewhat featured in speeches and media consultants who succumb to the lure of all-digital, but the most skilled leaders are not mistaken: for them,, the most effective tool is made of flesh and bone! The survey of Mercuri International Business Partners reveals that SMEs rely more commercially successful in their sales force (44% say use them mainly) against 35% for their less efficient counterparts. Of all the weapons used to .promote products or services, it is the sellers who get the satisfaction index is the highest: 48% of SMEs to consider how their efficiency results good or very good, a score that rises to 56% as in the sale.all respondents agree that the new tools (e-mailing, SMS mailing, social networks, etc. Have not yet been sufficiently proven in terms of efficiency.The experiences in these areas not convinced. The traditional channels (presence field and phoning) So keep the favor of small employers who prefer to focus on sound values ​​they master the use.New technologies must be used to supplement and not substitute the sales force whose contribution is widely recognized, “analyzes the author of the study, Gerard Baillard, Director of Mercuri International Business Partners.


The human dimension

The survey results tend to show that it is impossible for a leader to move the vendors. “Except in the case of unmarked products and safe, the client needs a human dimension in its business relationship.particularly in B to B, Interactivity, that’s the asset that makes all the difference to another sales channel as a commercial site. for example. Only one business is perfectly able to adapt his speech to provide personalized advice. An anonymous e-mailing is intended to ground when a person listens to a vendor identified by one.He is proactive and respond tit for tat, is its added value,” said Pascal Brassier, professor of negotiation and management of sales forces in the group ESC-Clermont is also co-author of Management of the sales published by Pearson Education.

However, the development of Internet media in the course of purchase has an impact on the role of business in the process. Informed the consumer comes to the seller.The work of the business becomes more complex, noted Pascal Brassier (Group ESC-Clermont ) simply because the seller, it becomes a strategic human element at the highest point for the company.he client expects this single interface to act as a personal consultant, expert in his field, and thus, able to diagnose the situation and even anticipate their needs or expectations.This is why big companies hire bac + 5 profiles that control the trade chain facilitates the acquisition of a global vision of the customer If SMEs do not always afford to hire at this level studies,hey understood that certain skills and interpersonal skills were essential. technical expertise and market experience are, according to the survey, “We must therefore focus on the growing competence and sustainability in the post rather than opportunistic exploitation of hunters with a thirst for success and a strong power of conviction,