The bank is state-owned and is the largest in the country, a leader in corporate banking and retail business. Operate under the name ICBC Bank Peru . Organization’s license was issued in 2011. The Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP ( SBS ) today authorized the operation of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ( Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ) as a banking company under the name of ICBC Bank Peru.

This authorization, which applies from the date comes after the organization authorization granted the November 9, 2011 and at the request of Ma Xiangjun, oriental bank representative. According to the provisions of the General Law of the Financial and Insurance Systems and Organic SBS , it was verified that ICBC Peru Bank has complied with the legal requirements, being able to technically and administratively the start of its operations.


The Operation Authorization Certificate shall be issued by alternating twice, the first in the official gazette El Peruvian and the second in one of extensive national circulation and shall be exhibited permanently in the main official company rather visible to the public.

The ICBC is the largest in the country and a leader in corporate banking and retail business, and is the largest in the world by market capitalization than HSBC , JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and Stander. It is also the world’s largest in terms of deposits and is the globe’s most profitable bank, being among the ten with the best ratio of capital.


the State . It is one of the four major commercial banks and state-owned Chinese has subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Tokyo (Japan), Frankfurt (Germany), New York (USA) and Sydney (Australia), among other major cities. Presence . It has branches in five other European countries, including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Spain, and is looking to increase its presence in this region, having acquired a bank in Canada.