Introducing the new ‘smartphone’ of the Cupertino technology company become the world’s largest surpassing Exxon Mobil.

The launch of the iPhone 5 Apple’s most anticipated among specialists and consumers, and subsequent sale is expected to make Apple Inc. grow even more and achieve dethrone Exxon Mobil as the largest company in the world. Basically taking into account the excellent results of the previous versions of smartphone the signing of the block.


The iPhone has exceeded expectations 4S

The iPhone 4 S presented last October has been so successful that not only exceed expectations and the numbers of his predecessors, has recovered to become pregnant after losing market over the terminals with the software Google, Android, making operating system IOS also retrieve user acceptance.

The results will be determined by the Apple iPhone

This has influenced record results recently released by the company, since about 50% of its revenues come from selling the iPhone. Only in the last quarter of them sold 37.04 million, some 17 million more than in the previous quarter and 128% more than in the first quarter of last year. Apple turnover specifically 46,330 million and had a net profit of 13,060 million in that period, which almost double those achieved in the previous year when 26,740 and 6,000 were billion, respectively. Also, only the last quarter net profit up half of that obtained by the company throughout the year.

The iPhone 5 will follow the footsteps of their predecessors

In addition to what may be added the fact that the iPhone 5 being the smart phone most anticipated Apple fans and users, and if its predecessor recovered part of the market beginning to cornering devices operating with Google’s Android why not think that the next generation iPhone will surpass the mark of his predecessors as has become the rule. Only iPhone 4S has been bought up to 36% for users who previously used other terminals, of which 21% chose the 64 GB model which is so far the highest capacity in a smartphone company’s Cupertino, according to a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners gathered in a report Apple Insider.

Apple surpass Exxon Mobil

So, it’s about time that the company co-founded by Steve Jobs relegated from the top spot still holds Exxon Mobil in the ranking of the world’s largest companies, which already holds the supremacy in the technology business segment and was already the largest among all, even for a moment on 8 August.