Trade Events spectacular, sensory marketing, new technologies . everything is done to make the point of sale a pleasant place, which makes life easier for customers and really get in touch with the brand and its products. A return to basics that meets the rise of e-commerce.

If the outlets are content to align products, consumers will make less difference with the Internet, deputy director general of the agency Market Value. It is therefore essential to give them want to come back on-site sales. A substantive discussion leading today all signs, shops, shopping centers . Especially since, in parallel with the rise of the Internet, the crisis did not do well at point of sale,consumers preferring to find good deals on the web. sees in this phenomenon a chance for retailers, “About 80% of customers are a préchoix on the Internet. They come more sophisticated, with more precise information. On the point of sale, we can now focus on a setting of the offer.

sale back

This stage can be organized in different ways. In the years ninety, was in spectacular fashion. This trend is very popular in the United States and Asia. for example, offers a festive atmosphere, style nightclub to its customers. In Tokyo, shopping centers are dedicated to adolescents. customers have their faces painted, photographed, given a new look .While recognizing that these stagings are spectacular and very creative.he believes that to attract the consumer, there is a need for more permanent elements of the outlets.That is the conclusion which led many distributors. Points of sale always welcome events of all kinds,but the current trend is to provide consumers with nice places where they enjoy coming.Unlike the Internet, which responds to an immediate need, the store is a fabulous place to live where we come from rummaging, wandering.

Appealing to the senses

To make the stores more pleasant sensory marketing is widely used. Soft music help to fight against stress,pleasant odors improve the customer experience, the play of light used to segment the space,small birds are singing in a clearing restored. In parallel with design agencies, retailers call for artists to create works specifically for their points of sale. One goal to please the consumer, the pampered make him a VIP.We come back to the fundamentals of business: consider the client, offer a clear pleasant . But above all functional. Outlets make every effort to make life easier for their customers.We do everything to make the journey pleasant customer, from the time he left his home until his exit from the center.Thus, on the website of each shopping center, customers can download a map and even find out the status of road traffic. On site, is also designed to facilitate the location of the center and access. The car park has a pleasant smell and sound environment while benchmarks can easily find his car.Inside the center, rest areas were built and even the toilets are an experience in itself,We had the idea to break the tail, tried hard, creating self-service areas , with teller everywhere.Finally, we saw the post office differently expectations, Martin said Piot. That’s the point of sale marketing in the future: Do not try to impose a single vision, but to talk to different types of consumers.