In this period of crisis characterized by economic cuts, there is a bit of good news for all those who are struggling with the renovation of their home. The good news here is that the government, through the new draft of the Development Decree, plans to increase the tax deduction for building renovations . The proposal made ​​provides for the deduction, which currently stands at 36%, to increase to 50%, then it is time for a facilitation rather considerable.

The decree we are talking about is of course that of the growth, which has been prepared by the Minister Passers, and of which you have probably already heard of it. But it is appropriate to make a small step back and go right to the number one measure, that provides for the deduction of 36%. This facility dates back to 1997 and over time has gained great favor by taxpayers. The following decree provides for a maximum limit of deductible amount equal to 48 000 euro. But what we see instead is to change with the new bonus provided by the government.


According to the new bonus all those who will face the work of renovation of your home, or even redevelopment of the building in which they reside, will benefit from a greater incentive. As we have already said, the increase of the tax relief is not just because you go from 36% to 50%, with a maximum deductible amount equal to 96 000 euro. This means it will be much more convenient for people to carry out works of redevelopment of their properties. The further novelty is that of a confirmation for ever the rate to 55%. The measure prepared by the government naturally arises the obvious aim to revive a sector such as construction, in recent times in clear and serious crisis, just trying to contribute in this way to recovery.