Maybe the luster and shine are among the reasons for wanting to have the pleasure to own and invest in gold. If you do this, you can buy gold bars or coins in your bank, however, you will need to plan additional costs, such as secure storage in a safe at home or in the bank, without forget insurance costs. Both investment options in physical gold the most popular are: coins and small bars. There are coins in a variety of sizes and weights, making them both more affordable and easier to sell the bars.
However, if you like, buy gold bars you will need to learn how to sell them later. This will affect the type of investment you make. For example, you would have to find a buyer for rich selling gold into bars of 10 ounces, while you can find many casual buyers for parts. So if you are worried about the resale of gold bars, consider purchasing a few pieces.

Buy Gold

If you choose to invest in gold without physically owning, there are other options. In fact, there are many safer ways to buy it. Often using the examples below to sell your gold is much more easily accomplished, usually requiring only a phone call or access to your investment account online.


Gold Account Bank: If you want to own physical gold without the hassle of finding a safe storage and insurance, check with your local bank. Some banks now offer accounts of gold, where gold is stored in your name in a secure vault somewhere (in London or Zurich, for example). If you are considering buying bars or coins this way, know that gold accounts can be assigned only to you or not affected (you own the bar with other investors).

Stocks of gold mining: You can also hold stock in a mining company without owning or buying gold. More than 300 mining companies listed and traded on U.S. exchanges.

Now in paper: A number of institutions issue shares (or paper) that have an equivalent in physical gold. These actions or banking products are traded for buyers as easily as any other product on an exchange. They are regulated and increase with rising gold prices.