In a reality as that which is experiencing Italy in recent years, it is necessary if you do not have the fundamental economic aid from the State , not only in terms of subsidies, unemployment and so on, but also, and above all, to begin of new activities or keep alive (as far as is possible) those that already exist. In this guide we’ll take care of the requirements and the procedure for making the request and to be able to take advantage of public funding allocated to women entrepreneurs .

Those who can make a request for public funding allocated to women entrepreneurs are cooperative, company capital, sole proprietorships and all the institutions facilitating training courses, for example associations, corporate, individual promotion and training centers. Obviously, among the requirements is fundamental the presence of a very high percentage of women. In fact, cooperatives and companies must have a presence of women at least sixty percent , individual businesses will be represented by a woman who will, at the same time, the owner, and so on.


To send the request for obtaining financing, it is necessary to fill out the form that will be prepared for that announcement. Make sure it is in complete compliance with the fees to be paid by means of a stamp duty. The module will be reported all the features of the company you want to support with funding. Finally, in the Annex, it should be reported to the documentation for the application of the anti-mafia certificate . This will not be necessary if it is a sole proprietor.

Make the application is extremely simple. Just simply wait for the opening of the call and send the required documentation and follow the signs that will be posted from time to time, through ministerial decrees. Of course, if you decide to participate in the call and you should win, you can no longer require or benefit from additional facilities at national, regional or community. Also in case you get funding, for at least five years from start, you can not change the internal organization of risk, however, to cancel the requirements that have enabled you to win the contract.