A number of private investors (Business Angels, love money, etc..) Are likely to invest in your business. Provided it has potential, it is innovative … Private investment is, at present, encouraged by the state including a device for taxpayers subject to tax on capital.

Your company is young and your new project: Business angels may be able to provide you with the necessary funding for its implementation. Indeed, a business angel is an individual who invests part of his personal assets in an innovative company. His participation intervenes – in contrast to investment funds – early in the history of the company. It allows you to canvass the first customers to launch a product, or contact hire business. “In short, to bring all the elements needed to” take-off phase “of the company,Specifically, the business angels take part in the capital of the company. In return, they receive compensation based on the added value of the shares they sell it at the end of a collaboration that lasts about five to seven years.


The investment funds,a tremendous growth
You need capital to achieve an external growth or develop new projects? Why not use an investment fund?

These professionals will provide investors equity in exchange for equity. Mais ce n’est pas tout. But that’s not all. Thanks to their advice, they also help the company grow faster.

Finance its growth
we are intended to provide capital to SMEs in their labor pool. Here are tips to attract the attention of regional investors.

This is the problem for many companies, while the conditions of access to bank credit tighten. If the mediator of the credit is a quick fix, you can also make use of local investment funds . The law in favor of labor, employment and purchasing power (TEPA) has made Fip attractive by offering an exemption from wealth tax (currently capped at 50,000 euros) to individuals investing in SMEs.

Get money and reduce
The law known as “tax package” in favor of labor, employment and purchasing power of 21 August 2007, established a mechanism to reduce the solidarity tax on wealth in favor of Investment in unlisted SMEs. A double opportunity as the leader of a small business.