Not easy to go on maternity leave when leading an SME. However, as a leader, you also have rights, you are expecting a child or you adopt.

Soon a new child in your life? The leaders have rights, which vary according to their status. As an entrepreneur employee, your rights are similar to those of your employees.By contributing to the general Social Security, you will receive per diem, calculated on the average salary. You may qualify for a conventional maternity leave, six weeks before childbirth and ten weeks later.However, since you are fit, you can see three of the six weeks after the happy event, bringing to 13 weeks postnatal leave.The governing independent, having no employment contract, do not enjoy the same treatment. They are qu’incitées to rest,” Edith Yapo nuance, a lawyer specializing in employment law with the firm Alerion.

Pregnant rights

However, by making social contributions to the Plan of social self (RSI), you get health coverage, daily allowance, family allowances and maternity leave.You can enjoy a payment period of 44 consecutive days. 14 days must always precede the expected date of delivery. Two periods of 15 days can extend this activity stop.In case of medical conditions related to pregnancy, you can get 30 extra days off. As part of an adoption, the work stoppage after the arrival of the child in the family is 56 days.Liquidated damages for business interruption is 2 115.52 euros for a stop of 44 days,2 836.72 euros for a stop of 59 days and 3 557.92 euros for 74 days. Whether to stop disease or multiple births,the decision of an additional 30 days shall be compensated up to a 442.40 euros. compensated up to a 442.40 euros.If adopted, the allowance is 2 692.48 euros. To this is added the last resting breast lump sum allowance. It is paid in two installments: the seventh month of pregnancy and after delivery.In the context of adoption, the allocation of $ 1 442.50 euros is paid to the arrival of the child in the family.

Finally, when announcing your pregnancy?If this is to prevent health insurance fund or agency to which you contribute, the sooner the better. As for the company? “There is no legal obligation.But, it is best to prevent his team from the third month, “advises Edith Yapo. Time to organize your replacement and secure your team.

If the acts related to maternity are covered 100% by Social Security, certain excess fees (such as caesarean section) are not reimbursed. Do not hesitate to turn to your insurance company.As part of your supplementary health, you can enjoy a premium forfaitisée. Also, you can maintain your income by taking out a contract of insurance.