Review of the current, third edition of the book “Practical Knowledge Online Marketing”.

Online marketing is nowadays an integral part of companies of various kinds Among all marketing activities are understood, which may involve the use of the Internet. Subdivisions thereof are the traditional banner advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing and search engine.


Orientation and target groups

After a brief preface to the first and second edition of the author comes to the expectations of the reader to speak. In this book the principles and mechanisms of online marketing are explained in the main. A variety of background information on the topic and different practical examples as well as various tips break up the book contents. Primarily marketing executives are addressed in this book, who want to develop their existing marketing program on the Internet medium. But also agencies, freelancers or small business owners will find lots of helpful tips here. Is less suitable for the present work from the affiliate webmaster area. For people who are very concerned about search engine optimization, this book is also suitable.

Search marketing and keywords

Later in the book, the different marketing options are very detailed illuminated in individual chapters. Graphs and tabular overviews break up the text and provide interesting insights into the general area of ​​online marketing. Precise definitions and further explanations facilitate entry into this complex area. Particularly addresses the problem of suitably selected keywords in the field of search engine marketing. Using a plurality of tables, the reader is very accurately provides the correct operation of key words in detail. In the area of ​​online advertising, many calculation examples provide the perfect overview. Also the social media marketing is not too short. By installing extensive practical examples, it is possible even the most novice reader to quickly Independence into the matter. A large area is intensively with the topic “Social Media Marketing”. This will in particular focus on Facebook, without detail enter the subject. For a new edition of an analysis of other social networks would be desirable.

Helpful attachments

At the end of the book there are various attachments, for example, included a helpful glossary of definitions. The individual figures and tables are clearly listed to allow easier identification in the text. It follows a final brief portrait of the author.


The book presented here is a wealth of information about the online marketing. For a loosening of the sometimes very dry text, particularly for newcomers, provide a variety of graphs, tables and illustrations. This book is hereby published in its third revised edition.