A true merchant’s calling card, the window must seduce the customer of, and trigger the purchase. Overview of the latest trends.

Create the event, surprising the window is one of your best communication tools. In the streets of inner cities or in the aisles of shopping centers, it remains your first point of contact with your customers. “The major brands of ready-to-wear particularly well mastered the means of communication. It is therefore appropriate to base fronts of your colleagues, who generally use marketing teams, “advises Gabriel Petit, head of purchasing POS Altavia group specializing in business communication.


For him, as for Esclasse Bertrand, Associate Director of Design Day, a specialist in land use point of sale, the success of a window based on creativity. “A trader, whether chocolate or florist must tell a history, imagine scenes around its products. Highlight clothing or glasses does not, moreover, to use a banner at the bottom of window to create a universe. “With digital printing, it is possible to achieve at a lower cost printing a poster that educates the client in an operation and scripted a storefront.

The showcase also has to meet the current needs of consumers. “Seasonality is an important criterion. The goal is to get into the head of the barge and try to adapt to its desires. For example, in summer, a client needs to escape.In times of late years, it will search for gifts for loved ones, “says Sarah Gaïsset, consultant at Altavia.

Consumers are also very sensitive to the change of scenery. “It is essential not to stay on the same codes from January 1 to December 31. A hairdresser is independent in July, its value shampoos on the sand and the following month, rotate his presentation with beach towels, “recommends Petit Gabriel (Altavia).For the conversion of a window is quick and easy, choose furniture (podiums and shelving) with wheels. “Plexiglass cubes, transparent or colored, are very often used. They have the double advantage of being easily transportable and give relief to the products, “says Loren Cesena, manufacturer of furniture store.

Leverage technology:

To increase the visual impact of your window, you can also refer you to innovative management techniques. Imagine your shop diffusing through your window, background music on your not-doors. This new technology uses the glass surface as a sounding board for sound to the outside of your store. Similarly, the display dynamic adhesive, transparent film on which images are projected, is booming. It sticks to the glass with just water and can remain in place for several weeks, or just a few hours and then be off and affixed elsewhere. “The visual impact works very well,” says Sarah Gaïsset (Altavia) . However, the original cost. Added to this are the acquisition of the video projector (about 1000 euros HT) and bulb replacement.

Last trick to boost your window, the use of mannequins. There are a wide variety, ranging from stylized to realistic through the white headless.The staging of a coat or pants allows the buyer to visualize thLe product. The other advantage Customizing a window becomes full with the many opportunities for development and poses very natural models. The professional must emphasize, however, an easy way to dress, “Christine Ollier analysis, manager of the store Olétal, specialist equipment and display outlets. Simple objects are sometimes enough to produce a masterful effect.