You want to sell your business? Did you remember to send to your employees? The SCOP (cooperatives) allow a recovery from motivated employees who are already on the fingertips products, customers and processes.

Transferring the business is not always easy.You even run the risk of disappearing due to lack of buyer. The SCOP (Cooperative) is a solution among others, but has many advantages. It is based on three key principles: employees are majority shareholders in the capital and the voting at a general meeting based on the principle one worker, one vote” and finally the profits earned by the company are distributed equitably among the various partners.The Scop, a national network of cooperative and participatory, taking over a company by its employees is a process still very much unknown. However, the Scop not be ashamed of its strengths!

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Indeed, employees know their company, its products, its customers and its workings.More importantly, they are the first interested in keeping their jobs. This transmission allows smooth sustain the activity.The survival rate of these companies after five years is slightly higher than for conventional firms,57% against 52% (figure INSEE).The key? They involved the more they become decision makers in the company.But there are some rules.

First, the seller must ensure that employees are interested and it take about six months in advance. Surround yourself with accountants and lawyers, check with your consular chamber to study the feasibility of such a project.

Ask members of Scop networks, offering personalized assistance.There are in all regions and in many departments.These local offices provide advice and assist the buyers of the company employees. Moreover, the viability of the transmission based on the number of employees willing to take over. it takes a minimum of employees are mobilized, but they occupy strategic positions within the company.For example, an SME than forty employees will be difficult to do without a service accountant or business manager.

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The recovery team is taking shape? Do you hear while on the sale price. “It’s not because it is the employees that the sale price of the company will be reduced,The sale price will be the value of the company regardless of the buyer. Employees must propose a project socially and economically viable.The downside? Find the necessary funds to purchase.On average, employees must meet between 500,000 and 2 million.Finding such sums is not accessible to all workers.Their number is an asset, and the status of their Scop provides access to a range of financial tools of the network has developed Scop. The Socoden, including grants of equity loans, Spot, for its part, aims to intervene in capital and equity securities, and finally the main objective is to ensure Sofi scop the medium-term loans.Financial partners, such as banking or Credit Cooperative Associations pfil (Local Initiative Platform) Active and France, also offer financing solutions. Employees can also use external partners, who are allowed to hold up to 35% of the voting rights or 49% if the partner is itself outside a cooperative society. This provision is intended to expand partnership opportunities with other companies. The Scop may indeed bring in their capital from investors and financial institutions, within a 49% stake.

In parallel, Scop benefit from their own tax to enjoy benefits such as exemption from business tax or a reduction in corporate tax (the share of net profits distributed to employees through a participation agreement ,is deductible from taxable income). Similarly, buyers can deduct from their taxable salary and interest on loans contracted staff to acquire shares, or deduct from their income tax of 25% are made to the capital of the Scop. All measures to promote attractive to employees to trigger vocations.

The new partners must also agree on the identification of a new leader, they designate by vote. The transferor may offer two or three people that emerge, remarkable for their work or experience.