What should be preferred? The sacrosanct like Facebook? This could be the issue, as online marketers are hungry for recommendations. The impact of a comment made by a close, positive or negative, is not to prove in the construction or abandonment of a sale. 8thBridge specialist social discovery and exchange platform between brands, recently published its third report on the social strategies of e-tilers (872 respondents), with valuable lessons for the key.


Facebook outdated, Instamatic and Vine acclaimed?

Social networks are evolving quickly. Not only themselves (who still remembers the first archaic versions of Facebook or Twitter?), But also between them and the least we can say is that the competition is fierce. It is probably one of the obvious findings contained in the report. Whereas 99% of retailers are present on the site of Mark Zuckerberg, it still represents 69% of led traffic through social networks, the employment rate is falling (-27%), which raises serious questions about expenses and time spent on the first social network in the world in terms of users. Other networks point the tip of their nose. Now, 69% of brands are on Instagram and 38% are on Vine. New phenomenon, traders tend to focus on Pinterest buttons on their product pages – 62% have a “Pin it”, while 59% still feature a “Like”.

If only 10% of retailers say they have social functions on their site, they are not less than 86% to consider a technical overhaul in 2014 to harness the power of social networks. Even giants like Amazon, Walmart, Target or eBay have expected 2013 to adapt. In terms of support, the future may be located elsewhere on our traditional computer screens, and different methods of sharing. “Sharing content and mobile are now pave the way for the next generation of methods of discovery products,” warns 8thBridge in its report. The specialist also said that “online presence” does not necessarily mean engagement with users. “If Starbucks, Walmart or iTunes each have more than 30 million fans on Facebook, they do not appear at all in the ranking of the best engagement ratios (calculated as the ratio between the number of people speaking a site on the number of fans). Found in the latter much smaller companies and, to a certain extent, most ingenious, as Ranger Up, Petflow or Simple Truths.