The government confirmed a better pensions and the general scheme. Supplementary pensions Agirc-Arrco will in turn be revalued by 2.3%. Update on the ups and dates of entry into force.

The government confirmed Wednesday, March 28 a revaluation of 2.1% of basic pension in 2012, is almost as in 2011 . How this increase is decided? The annual adjustment of the basic pension for private sector employees depends on the inflation forecast for the current year (price index excluding tobacco). An expert commission, the Economic Commission of the nation (CEN) , meets to set its inflation forecast for 2012. The law on financing of Social Security had anticipated 1.7% over the year, this figure is for the SEC updates. His prediction is then corrected to catch up under the inflation recorded last year. In 2011, the SEC had estimated that inflation would rise to 1.8%, but in the end it was 2.1%: 0.3% has to be added to the its forecast 2012. Retirees will see the color of this increase on their account as early May, around 11: CNAV pensions are, in effect, paid to banks on the 9th of the month following that for which they are due.


2.3% for supplementary pensions Agirc-Arrco

As a result of labor-management negotiations, supplementary pensions Agirc-Arrco will be uprated by 2.3% at 1 st April. As requested by the unions. This increase was not a foregone conclusion. Indeed, the private supplementary pensions. Agirc-Arrco are managed by the social partners. In the agreement they signed in 2011, ” the agreement of 18 March “, it is also stipulated that the adjustment can not be less than” the average annual change in prices excluding tobacco ‘. But unions and employers interpret the text differently today. The chamber was planning to take into account that inflation in 2012, an increase of less than 1.56%, while it is customary to correct the expected inflation to catch up under the previous year as the general arrangements.

The employers justified its position by the difficult financial situation of supplementary pension funds Agirc (for executives) and Arrco (for all private sector employees). The stakes were high: the complementary represent on average 30% of the pension of non-managerial employees, 55% for executives. The unions did not see it that way and pleaded for this revaluation includes, in addition to the inflation forecast for 2012, a “catch up” with the fact that the rise in consumer prices was higher than expected last year. They have been successful.