The patent that provides protection is essential. After the birth of France patents that will change the fund to invest in the innovative

The goal of any business is to advance, innovate and expand its scope along its profits.But in a globalized economy, the protection of industrial property is of major importance to promote the flow of inventions and innovation in safety. A patent protects inventions and industrial processes.It should be seen as a strategic intangible asset for a company.


The European patent at the time

This system, if it works, is long and cumbersome for companies, in terms of procedures and costs.A draft European harmonization is underway and will soon give birth to the European Patent Unit.The goals to simplify the procedures, ensure greater protection and unify the filing costs for companies.The creation of Patents in June by the Deposit and the rule is intended to prepare country to these developments but also to give its companies an advantage in inter national.This investment fund with a capital of 100 million euros, is to select potential patents, and then to acquire industrial property law and to negotiate the value of these patents to of French and foreign industrialists.It is often a work of exploration to find licensees around the world,In the patent-producing companies, we provide solutions enhancing their recovery,clusters patents “consistent and negotiating licensing for these groups in international markets.As for companies using patents. our goal is to enable them to expand their freedom of exploitation of accessing clusters of patents defensive role (which they did not necessarily have access or or by the potential acquisition of patents to third parties they use the technology they need in peace.Energy and the Digital Economy, “this device is aimed primarily at SMEs that derive their growth in patent applications, and who often have neither the time nor the money to explore all the possibilities of selling the patent to file.

the fund is already everything possible to optimize the recovery process patents. It has already signed two partnership agreements with OSEO .the INPI in order to maximize synergies between the different agencies valuation of industrial property.

By offering SMEs a complete structure and a single contact who studies, analyzes and sells patents, A patent, which is now eight to ten years to be profitable, will tomorrow reach and greater impact. Innovative companies, SMEs in mind, will no longer be hampered in their innovation strategy and growth, but will receive a huge asset on the global economy.