The kitchen cabinets in Quebec are generally defined by a set of furniture or racks specially designed for the kitchen. This type of furniture is designed to accommodate the different utensils and condiments. This furniture also includes various features including its shape, destination, materials, etc.


Usually small, kitchen cabinets in Quebec aim to maximize storage space in a kitchen. Can fit under the desk or hang on the wall and small, the furniture include two or more floors to accommodate plates, utensils and other accessories. Cupboard with casserole example, used to expose different pans and even some small appliances like the mixer. As for the furniture with drawers in English, it will be designed to fit into the existing cabinets to increase the number of shelves. Finally, small furniture with baskets shelves have the advantage of automatically advancing the cart once the open cabinet.


Materials and finishes

In addition to their utility, kitchen cabinets in Quebec must also meet the aesthetic side of the room. Moreover, this type of furniture is generally designed wood as solid wood. The advantage of this type of material certainly lies in its durability. However, aesthetically, wood often does not match the design of the room. In addition, it was unable to withstand the moisture contained in a kitchen it may warp. As the veneer, it does not warp and is easy to maintain. Only problem: it will crack over time.

Some cabinets, made of melanin, require no maintenance and easy to clean. As for storage in stainless steel, they are still very resistant against the corrosion and offer a particularly modern design. Finally, the storage shelves with a painted surface are easier to clean. The use of a glossy and smooth paint hides the wood sometimes low quality. However small drawback: the paint flakes easily.

Types of kitchen cabinets in Quebec

The cabinets

Called classical wardrobe includes a width of 60 cm maximum. Frequently provided from May to August shelves, this type of furniture can include one or more doors. The advantage of this closet is that it has a sufficiently large storage space. Those for appliances (refrigerators, freezers) have a width of 60 cm. Some of these pieces even include a small storage space to accommodate small containers and freeze bags. For electronic devices such as microwave, cabinet bartered remains the most appropriate. Reaching a height of 140 cm and a lot less high than the cabinet fridge, it focuses more on the different heights of the shelves.

Low furniture

Cabinets qualified low reach between 60 and 120 cm wide. Usually with several small storage drawers and shelves, they are intended to be swallowed in the work table or the sink. They consequently improve the process of storing kitchen tools (knives, spatulas, spoons, etc..) And include either doors or only drawers.

Tall furniture

The cabinets welcome usually different condiments such as spices or covered. Between 30 and 100 cm wide, the cabinet comprises a maximum row of shelves 4. Positioned just above the worktop, this type of record can be equipped with a lighting system to illuminate below the table. It is not uncommon for kitchen cabinet with a glass door or hood. They exist in many forms and can also be customize.